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// Elemental Herbology - Flower Harmonising Mist


The face mist love continues, those who have followed me for a while will know that I found love for face sprays back in June whilst holidaying in Dubai. It was Clinique's moisture surge spray that had me sold. I have to say I still love using this, although here in London I can't say I use it to cool me down, as I did in Dubai *sulks*. Instead I tend to use this when I'm feeling lazy on those lounging days at home, it's an easy way to mosturise providing the skin with enough hydration.

My latest edition to face mists, is Elemental Herbology's 'Flower harmonising mist'. Elemental Herbology are a natural skin care brand that base their products on different seasons which equate to different skin types, it's a really lovely range, which is slowly growing. This facial tonic is described as a handbag essential and it really is! I use it on the go to freshen up my makeup and to revive my skin. It is a great product to use if you are traveling on the tube/working in the city as a quick fix to freshen up. It's a super light spritz and is made from pure damask rose petal. As many of you already know rose is an amazing ingredient for skin, not only does it keep skin looking beautiful but as rose is naturally anti bacterial it helps calm problematic skin, keeping it radiant. I always use rosewater before and after a makeover and even after I cleanse, partly because of the benefits but ALSO becuase of the smell.. mmm. I ended up picking this one up from work (SpaceNK) and is one of my favourites, I also love the Chantecaille pure rosewater but that stretched just a little over my budget!

This flower harmonising mist is a 50ml bottle, I think it's perfect for travelling and popping into your hand luggage as it's under 100ml. I am off on holiday next week and I can't wait to take it on the plane with me and spritz away.. It's a great way to keep the skin feeling hydrated with/without makeup. I also love to use this when I'm feeling sleepy it really wakes me and my skin up!

Do you use face mists? What are your favourites? I can't believe I don't own FixPlus but every time I go to purchase it, it's out of stock!? I never used to like the idea of spritzing my fully made up face, but I really enjoy it now.



  1. No.. noooo bad mouldy!! BAD! Too much stuff already I do not need another spritz.....

  2. lol! Its a nice one.. smells yummy! I agree you don't need another one :P.. I don't have THAT many so its alright HAHAHA! xx

  3. I like this brand a lot, I didn't even know they have a face mist up until now. I'm glad so many bloggers get out there and write about organic products, especially because this market is so new. It's important to figure out which lines pay attention on usability as well as ingredients!

  4. The concept of this is really great. However, I have oily skin already, so dealing with shine is my main focus when applying does this create any shine??

    Love your blog by the way!


  5. I adore the smell of roses - with I could try out this Elemental spray - but I've JUST gotten my skin under control - don't want it to break out again.
    I love spraying my face with mineral water after putting on mineral make-up - makes my face look glowy not powdery.

    I use evian facial spray to set my make up. I wanted to create my own fix+ type spray - so I picked up a rose toner...but unfortunately it clogged my pores :-(

  6. @ Ella: Oh no, I didn't know that rose could clog pores! Are you sure, it might've been some other ingredient that caused you to break out?! I'm gonna keep your warning in mind, though!! I would be interested to read a post on your skin success story :)
    P.S.: I use avene water to set my make-up, lol!

  7. I use the Caudalie Beauty Elixir spritz. Smells so wonderful and it's paraben free. Gives me a nice glowy look.

    Love your blog Zara you are beyond gorgeous. x

  8. The Liz Earle spritz is really nice too, you should try that. I also agree with Sam - Avene water spray is also great. I love your blog, you're so gorgeous!

  9. @ Sam.. I never knew they had a face mist either! U should check it out though.. I really like it at the moment!

    @Mollyvogue.. It doesnt really create a shine.. it just refreshes the skin.. maybe try using it under make up instead of over it!?

    @Ella.. I don't think rose clogs pores.. it usually balances the skin quite well.. maybe try it out.. rose is put in to a lot of products because of its calming capabilities

    @ Tiffany.. I also LOVE the Caudalie one although I prefer the smell of the rose in this elemental.. I don't like minty smells on products other than foot cream and toothpaste of course lol!

    @ Shameera.. I will have to give both of those a closer look.. face sprays are a relatively new discovery for myself.. :)



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