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// Chanel - Khaki Vert [I'm in LOVE]


To say I'm in LOVE is an understatement..



I was so excited for Chanel's launch of the 'Les Khakis' collection and at first I wanted all 3 colours. Then I calmed down. The collection as I'm sure most of you have seen consists of 3 colours. Khaki Brun, Khaki Rose and Khaki Vert. I have to admit the Brun and the Rose are just too similar to the nude/taupe colours that everyone has been crazy about since the launch of Chanel's Particuliere and I own too many similar ones.


Khaki Vert is just on another level, I usually dislike green on the nails.. This, however is gorgeous. I applied two coats and I can't explain how much I love it. This collection was released yesterday exclusively to Selfridges, so bright and early I made a phone call and got the ladies at Chanel to hold one for me. It really is just the perfect khaki green. I have put a base coat on, two coats of the khaki and a top coat because I want it to last FOREVER! At £19 it's not cheap, actually one of the more expensive of Chanel's nail polishes BUT in my eyes.. TOTALLY worth it!


This is a great addition to my autumn/winter collection as I'm pretty sure my wardrobe will revolve around.. Nudes, Camels and Khakis.


I wonder what the dupes will be like!? Does any of the Chanel Khaki collection tempt you? LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! [Sort of puts the NARS to shame.. oops!]



  1. That looks stunning! I love the finish of this nail polish!

  2. oh wow, what an amazing colour - here i was just admiring my Rimmels Beige Babe which i bought today and then i see your post on this fab colour :-(
    looks beautiful with your skin tone, too!

  3. one more thing to add on to the list! that color looks gorgeous on you! hopefully i could score this polish for eid! lol...[eid mubarak to you btw]

  4. Love the finish of that polish - did you use Chanel base and topcoat or other brands?

  5. Love the Khaki Brun.
    but this is beautiful


  6. I love it. Can't wait for the dupes to show up

  7. oh gorgeous, think I need to invest.

  8. OMG, love it! I haven't seen the other two colors, (but I will google them right after writing this) but I want this! 20$ for nail polish, hmmm, yeah so worth it.


  9. Sooo fab! I knew I had to get khaki rose, but after seeing this, I think khaki vert will have to come home with me as well :D it's really lovely on you!

  10. i so want that.. no actually i need it lol :)

  11. Adore it!!!! Want this in my collection!xxx

  12. Really lovely colour and looks fab on your skin tone. Not convinced it would suit my pale skin but i'll look out for a dupe!


  13. that is actually beautiful :) aha! xo

  14. Oh I love this colour!! i really want this now!

  15. Thank you guys.. I am loving it.. :) I used a Barry M base and topcoat.. its my favourite and its cheap! Does a good enough job.. looking to try seche vite though! xxx

  16. Hi!

    I've been a follower of your blog for a while but I haven't commented until now, sorry! I loooove the Chanel Khaki Vert color too, it looks gorgeous on you. :)


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