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// TIGI - Headshot Heavenly Hydrating shampoo



I get lots of comments on my hair and I have to say pics may be decieving I had been feeling like it was so dry and coarse. About a month ago I was passing by a TK Maxx and my aunty had told me that they now stock a lot of TIGI hair products. It was then I purchased TIGI 'Heashot Heavenly Hydrating' shampoo. I decided I would start with the shampoo to see if I like it before purchasing the conditioner..[That and also I have so many condiitoners I still need to use up]

I have been using this shampoo for about 3-4 weeks now and I have noticed a real difference. I love that this shampoo is 750 ML and in a pump format. It's so much easier to use as I tend to get a bit happy when squeezing shampoo out of a bottle. This particular one is for dry and damaged hair, I feel it is necessary to buy a shampoo that targets this as I often use heat when styling my hair and it can really dry it out. I wash my hair every other day, but since using this shampoo I can allow myself an extra day, without it getting greasy [That can only be a good thing right!?]

It has Rose hips and Ginseng extracts in it that contribute to keeping hair looking and feeling healthy, I guess it must be working because the condition of my hair has definitely improved. The only thing I was unsure about was the minty smell, which after a few weeks has sort of grown on me. I am using this with Herbal essences Hello Hydration coconut conditioner so my hair doesn't end up smelling too bad! In conjunction with these two I am still using my Bumble and Bumble 'Creme de Coco; mask about once a week, you can read my full review on this amazing mask HERE

This shampoo was £9.99 which I think is great for the amount of product, it retails between £15-£20, so you end up saving quite a bit. Tigi products are used in quite a lot of salons. I think i may have to go back and re purchase some more TIGI products as I am really happy with the results at the discounted price.

Have any of you used TIGI products? Do any of you purchase hair/beauty products at TK MAXX? I have to say they have quite a lot, I was pleasantly suprised!



  1. I have tried quite a lot of tigi hair products and I must say, they aren't for me. my hair is fairly dry and I get the sense that this brand doesn't do me any good, in general. however, there is one product I absolutely love: it's their fast fix leave-in conditioning spray - can't remember the exact name, but it comes in a blue bottle :) this is divine! it's both, moisturizing and great for styling. but what I love about it the most is the fact that it leaves your hair without that dull touch of product - something I have experienced with so many other brands.
    xx emma

  2. oh I love to buy hair stuff in T.J.Maxx - Silk infusion is a total bargain - retail for $12-14 for the smallest bottle, and I got the biggest one for $10! yay!
    will have to look for Tigi, my TJ doesn't have it, unfortunately

  3. @ Emma.. I will have to look in to their conditioning spray :)

    @ Renee Ahh in the UK its called TK MAXX lol..I'm gna be in the states in September so will check out what they have :)


  4. lol, the good thing is that with this one we can easily understand that we are talking about the same store
    I still don't understand why they have to give different names to British/European and US stores, products etc

  5. I love TIGI hairproducts, can't get enough of them. Thanks for the reccommendation because i am looking for a decent one!


  6. ooo sounds like heaven for my hair atm gonna see if my look TKMAXX has this range


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