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// Sigma brush kit review



I was kindly sent these goodies to review from Sigma makeup, I was so excited as I have heard such great things about their brushes and was definetley ready to put them to the test. Sigma are most probably known because of their similarity to MAC brushes, however the pricepoint makes them an affordable alternative and a great place to start with professional brush kits. I have a wide selection of brushes from MAC, Laura Mercier, Shu Uemura, Nars and Sonia Kashuk and like all things there are some you favour over others. I was sent the complete brush set which consists of 12 brushes. The collections can be seen on sigmas website HERE. There are some brushes I have been using over the last 2/3 weeks and have taken a real liking to and so I thought I would share my thoughts with you.


SS168 : Large Angled Contour Brush


I love the angled contour brush SS168, similar to the MAC 168 although I have to say I much prefer the sigma brush. I have always found the bristles of the MAC 168 to be too coarse and I don't really like the way in which it deposits the product. I have recently been using my illamasqua contoured brush which is beautiful. However the Sigma 168 is becoming my new go to contour brush. I like that it's slightly wider than the illmasqua brush and at the time, softer than the MAC one. I really feel like I'm in control when using this brush. I have really been enjoying using this brush on myself, but actually can't wait to try it out on others. There isn't a blusher brush in this complete kit so I feel as if this brush could double up as a blush brush.

SS187 : Duo Fibre


SS187, I have the MAC 187 from a holiday brush collection. I have never loved this brush enough to buy the original one. I have often used the MAC 187 for creme blushers. Only recently with the change of my foundation and the summer heat have I altered the way in which I apply my foundation. I love having buffed into the skin foundation but for this time of the year (and as my skin is not too bad touch wood) I prefer a lighter coverage. Don't get me wrong I am still using a full coverage foundation but the brush makes all the difference. For the last few days I have used the SS187 for my foundation. I feel that it is such a quick way of achieving an even coverage. The brush is so soft and feels so light against the skin, I'm unsure why my MAC 187 doesn't feel the same, it could do with the age of the brushes however the SS187 to me seems to be slighlty narrower. Things like this are important to me when it comes to foundation brushes as I always always do my eye make up first and then my base. Therefore the brush has to be a good size in regards to getting around my eyes etc.

SS239 : Eye Shading /SS252 : Large Shader


The Sigma 239 and the 252 are great brushes for depositing colour, They seem to really collect and disperse the colour evenly and it really makes applying eyeshadows a lot quicker. As these brushes are quite wide they cover most of my lid again making it easy, which is great.

SS209 : Eyeliner


SS209 I used to swear by the MAC 209 for applying my gel liner until I met my Laura Mercier fine point liner brush and now I can't live without this brush it is just so thin but really allows me to create great shape. I tried the SS209 and wasn't sure how I'd get on with it just because out of all three of the brushes it seems the thickest. However I must say it is really precise I think it's because its tapered to a point and therefore allows you to have full control. The bristles aren't as flimsy as I thought so your eyeliner doesn't end up all over your face [good thing], I am actually really impressed with the SS209.. I definitely prefer it to the MAC 209, as for the Laura Mercier? Only time will tell haha..

SS224 : Tapered Blending


In terms of blending brushes the MAC 224 has been my best friend since it came in to my life. I was very eager to try the SS 224 to see if it lived up to my expectations. Unfortunately I just didn't seem to get on with this brush. Although the MAC 224 is quite a fluffy brush it still feels as if I'm in control. With the SS224 I didn't feel as if I had the same amount of control, for that reason I put it aside and went back to my MAC. I think this brush may be a good one for concealer as the 224 can often be used for that, it's great for really getting in to hard to reach places. I will have to give it a go and let you ladies know.

I am still in the process of using these brushes.. These are the ones I have been using on a daily basis. I haven't done much freelance work lately so haven't taken these brushes out with me.. I will do though and no doubt I will keep you posted.



I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of these brushes. I think it's the makeup snob in me that resisted purchasing these brushes any earlier. If you are on the look for a complete brush set for yourself or for your kit then this is a fantastic place to start, such great quality and at a very affordable price. I do believe it's difficult for sigma as they are so often compared to MAC, if you just appreciate the brushes as make up brushes then they are amazing. I tried hard not to compare them to MAC but it was difficult.

I was kindly sent these brushes to review but this is an honest review based on my experiences of using them. Another thing that really impressed me was the speed in which I recieved these brushes, they were sent out from the states on thursday and I recieved them on Monday. It was all packaged so pretty I didn't want to open any of it!


Have any of you tried sigma brushes? If yes, which are your favourite? and why? Are any of you tempted? What is your favourite brush/es you own? I love brushes and believe you can never have enough.. although I hate cleaning them grrr! So my logic is the more brushes I have the less cleaning I will have to do :p

I think I will do a review on the brushes after they've been used and cleaned a few more times.. So look out for that..



  1. I love love love sigma brushes.
    I also think their customer service is amazing and they are so friendly :)

    The only prob with the brushes is they do start to smell like wet dog after you have washed them a few times, bummer!


  2. O dear! I will have to let u know if that happens to mine too lol!

  3. I have Sigma brushes and love them too :)

  4. ooo good to check those out. also, i don't know if these guys ship internationally but a site called has sigma brushes and cosmetics, mac, a bunch of other brands, for really cheap. I order from them all the time. it would def be something to check out if you really like their brushes, or want to haul a ton of stuff.


  5. omg you got these all for free? lucky lol All the reviews are either people love them or hate them, can't wait for a review.

  6. Yes... Sigma brushes are amazing:)
    You asked,what is your favourite brush/es you own, I have several Every day minerals brushes. I love them - very soft, very gentle, not costly:)

  7. I really want to try Sigma brushes, they look really great quality and they aren't too expensive either. I'm a big fan of the ELF Studio brushes :)

  8. I really want to try these too, with the ridic prices of some of Mac's ones I can see why people like these if they are good quality too x

  9. I have 3 Sigma brushes, the SS224, SS207 and SS138. I can't get on with the 224 at all, mine is so big and not really dome shaped. I was a bit dubious about the other two to start with but once I gave them a chance they grew on me. They still smell plasticy though which I don't like.

    I have lots of brushes, I hate having to wash them so I agree, more brushes = less time washing, lol!
    Jane x

  10. i love my sigma brushes - actually i prefer them to my mac ones.. they are affordable too! I wish i knew about them earlier x

  11. I love bobbi brown brushes and use them exclusively , I have over 20 of them . The wood handles are fab , and all are full and soft .


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