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// Saturday Ramble and Mini MAC Haul


Today was an odd day. I woke up at 5.30 after going to sleep at 1.30 to do a carboot sale with my bro.. It then started to pour down with rain! UGH.. Lucky for us we turned the car around and drove back home! I was so tired I planned to go back to sleep. Then my mum woke up and told me herself and my 2 aunts were going into Oxford St. The fact they were driving and gona park in Selfridges carpark totally had me sold.. I literally jumped in the car! We spent ages looking around.. I was so desperate to buy something but HONESTLY.. there was absolutely NOTHING! Or maybe i just wasn't in a shopping frame of mind. I did however have the most amazing mini cupcakes from Lola's. Diet was totally out of the window, we got a box of the minis and I tried Oreo, Red velvet and Peanut butter [I know what a fatty!]. They were SOOO AMAZING, diddy but majorly calorific I am sure. [Hence this evening went and worked them off at my aunts gym!] I bought this cute box for my little cousins birthday party tomorrow.


As we were driving back my mum and my aunt were playing around with the handful of MAC lipsticks I had in my bag. They both decided they wanted one.. My mum liked 'Faux' and my aunty liked 'Ravishing'. At this point we were at Holborn and they literally kicked me out of the car and sent me to MAC Covent Garden store. Whilst there I decided I needed something.. DUH.


I opted for Shy Girl lipstick, which I have been wanting for a while. This also looks fab on my lovely Tali.. and we often like the same things so I had to pick this one up! It's a cremesheen so has that lovely creamy, smooth texture. To me it's a lighter version of 'Ravishing' or 'Jazzed' [From in the Groove collection] it's in the Coral family, I am loving coral lipsticks so very much and have been all summer. I think I will do a post on a few of my favourite coral lipsticks - It's a must!! Shy Girl has a nice amount of sparkle to it without looking too metalic if you know what I mean.



I also picked up a blush in 'Gingerly' My girl in Orlando was wearing it on iChat the other day and I had to have it. We are such bad influences on one another! Apparently this is a favourite of Kim Kardashian, when I bought Melba the MUA told me the reason she bought it was because KIM K was wearing it. So as soon as Melba was mine, I thoroughly enjoyed! I hope it will be the same with Gingerly.. I didn't even swatch it properly because my lot were waiting in the car for me.. I love that Gingerly is another matte blush. I sometimes prefer that because it's a lot easier to control the shimmer to your liking with the addition of highlighters/MSFs etc. It's hard to see the colour in my swatch [Apologies] but is again similar to Melba and Peaches. I might have to do another coral/peach blush post with swatches.


How was everyones Saturday? Let me know ladies if you would like me to go ahead and do a coral/peac lipstick/blush post. What have you ladies bought this week? What are you current favourite colours?



  1. That is so sweet that you inspired your Mom and Aunty to get those lipsticks.

    That blush looks gorgeous. I recently picked up quite a few MAC items at the CCO outlet in Orlando. I got: 5 lipglasses (including underage), last year's holiday brush set and last year's holiday lip set with lipstick (Dream?), lip pencil (Dervish) and BabySparks lipglass.

  2. Hi zara! I'm new to your blog and must say, addicted to it already! I would love to see a post on your favorite corals! Coral is one of my favorites, if not my very favorite. I went mad trying to find jazzed, but it is sold out everywhere here in Los angeles :( is shy girl really similar?

  3. I really like Gingerly, I don't wear it enough - I have too many blushes to choose from!

  4. we pretty much had the same day,
    I got to sleep at about 2am on friday and got up at 5.30 for a car boot, drove 40mins and turned round, haha.
    I love lola's cupcakes, the place where they sell them in Selfridges is so cute!

  5. Yummm them cupcakes look so nice haha.
    I really like Gingerly blush, btw I nominated you for some awards check them out :D


  6. @ Ella.. Ooh sounds like you got some great buys I can't wait to hit up the CCOs when I'm in Orlando! They always have the best things!

    @ Roisin thank you so much Hun.. If your looking for something similar to 'jazzed' i would check out Ravishing or Shy Girl

    @ Yinka.. I can imagine you must have loads!! I find it difficult as is it is lol!

    @ Jessica..ugh I know what a nasty day! Thank god the carboot I was going to do today was only down the road!

    @ Emmy thank you so much honey xxx

  7. Oh Gingerly is a favorite of mine :)
    I just bought Hang Loose Mineralize Blush...I didn't think it would show up on my NW30 skintone but it is very pigmented, I love itt :)

  8. ooooo i've been wanting Gingerly for a while now...i think im adding it to my "get it soon" list lol! I want to see a post of your corals, i can never find a good one that looks decent on me. Im more of a pink/neutral girl. Maybe you can make a post about you favorite pinks? (lipstick/gloss/blush) =)

  9. I love the look of Gingerly, I'd love to see you do a look with this. The cupcakes look very yummy!

  10. Coral... The best colour in this summer:) I just cant stop to varnish my nail's in this colour:)
    Definitely, I would like to read your review about coral lipstick/blush ;)

  11. I would definitely love to see a peach/coral blush post! :)

  12. Ah now I want Gingerly. I love peachy blush! Lola's cupcakes are the best, everytime I'm in Selfridges I treat myself to a red velvet one xx

  13. Plllease do a coral blush/lipstick post! I want to get a coral mac blush, i think i want Peaches but a few FOTDs/swatches would be fabulous because now i am thinking that Gingerly looks nice :/

  14. I just can't take my eyes off Shy Girl
    there's just one thing I don't understand - how come it's not in my collection yet? ;))

  15. Melba has a shit consistency compared to this one. Something about it is so try the color never shows! Love this post hon!!

  16. @ Amira, I will defo try within the next few weeks to get that pink post up for you hun xxx

    @ Modestybrown.. The cupcakes were divine but i'm officially starving myself after overdosing on them! lol..

    @ Supergirl I will hopefully do it this week or next..

    @ Une Tasse.. I think red velvet's are my fave too.. its the creme cheese frosting mmm!!!!

    @ Gemma.. I love peaches, this is quite similar so I will try to do a post.. I have done a coral post before.. I don't want it to be too repetitive!

    @ Renee.. SHY Girl.. is a must.. I don't know how I've been without it for sooo long!

    @ Tali.. really?? I really like melba but then again you know me love to cake haha! You love this post and I love you thank you for being there.. you diamond xx

  17. I have shy girl.. its nice isnt it.
    And i still want FAUX :(
    I have considered gingerly many times... but was scared it might be on the orange side for me... might need to chk urs out. You never know i might just get tempted.... which is highly likely!
    Also... OMG... i want them cupcakes!!!! xxxx


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