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// Rococo's C-Cup


Earlier this week I decided to wear C-cup by Rococo. It looks white in the pics but has a really delicate hint of pink to it, it reminds me of my favourite OPI Mod About You, just not as lilac/pinky toned. I had to apply two coats and if I remember right I even applied a top coat and within two days they had chipped. I always find that with this colour. Ughh.. I guess even if it would have lasted longer I would have changed it.


Are there colours you love but just don't last? What's your number one top coat? Or don't you bother..?



  1. It was hard for me to appreciate everyone's love for Metro Chic as it seemed to start chipping off a couple of hours after application (OK, I might be exaggerating a little bit). but even that didn't make bother to apply a top-coat

  2. Love this colour. Top Coat has to be Seche Vite. x

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  4. omg... we are the same! Why do we keep doing same things?! is this a sign that we must meet? You took off lilac, like me, and applied a pale pinkish colour - just like me! Check mine out.. its utopia which i still think u need to get!
    I like this one u have... i might have to add it to my collection..... xx

  5. p.s this online profile i have is so ridiculous.... i had to make a new account just so i could comment on your blog! and now that ive created one... it dont take you back to my blog... LAME!!!! :(


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