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I really hated all the pictures I took, I look so eughh.. My skin is bad and I have such deepset bags under my eyes [That, might I add NO CONCEALER can hide] I really wasn't in the mood for pictures. I am tired all the time lately and have to nap almost every day. I have no idea what has happened to me, I think my body is STILL recovering from when it shut down from the viral infection. Enough moaning.. I wanted to try out my new products and share them you..



MAC Studio sculpt NC45

Laura Mercier secret concealer in number 5

MAC blush in 'Gingerly'



MAC Femme Fi e/s in the inner corners

MAC Patina e/s on the lid

MAC Beauty Marked blended through the outer corners and underneath

Shu Uemura painting liner in black

Boujours Clubbing mascara


MAC Shy Girl lipstick


Today I wore a black maxi dress and my favourite long coral cardigan, which I am sure you ladies have seen before. I love maxi dresses as they are so quick and easy and require minimal thinking.



I don't know if I have shared this necklace with you guys before? This is my very sparkly and pretty necklace from Swarovski that my fiance bought me some time last year. It looked so pretty with my current lilac nails and I wanted to share it with you!

Another vintage watch


I found this Seiko watch at my nans place, her friend had given it to her. It's so old school and I love that, its a windy watch which I will most likely forget to wind.. so don't ask me the looks cute though!

How was everyones Sunday? And Weekend? What have you been up to? Are you on Twitter? Lets TWEET..



  1. You look gorgeous hun, no need to worry! Also that necklace is amazing, so sparkly! xx

  2. You look gorgeous as always hun! Love the necklace its so cute! I have issues with bags under my eyes and i feel tired and it makes me look i havent slept in weeks! I use eye depuff roll for the eyes. The neutrogena one. It contains caffeine and helps reduce puffiness under the eyes, i love it! You should try it out =)

  3. really really love the eyes and lips Zara. You look stunning. Good thing the MAC foundation worked for you because it broke me out, but im using the face and body foundation now and its great. I really hope you can follow my blog ? thanks so much :)

  4. Stunning!! I love your vintage watch :) xxx

  5. Thanks ladies
    @ SabraRose You should see it when it catches the light! Its fab!

    @ Amira.. Thank you hun.. I have used the garnier one before but it didn't really do anything for me! I may have to check it out hun!

    @ Kim.. I like the foundation but part of me is swaying back to studio fix, I'm not sure I like the dewy look as much as I thought I did. I also HATE the smell.. it's HORRIBLE! I wish my skin was good enough to use face and body.. I have heard great things!

    @ Zoe.. thanks hun.. technically it's my nans but will be mine for now lol!

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous and Shy Girl looks especially lovely on you! xx

  7. you always look so stunning x

  8. Even tired, you look gorgeous hun! I love the eyeshadow combination you used and that necklace is beautiful.
    Jane x

  9. Hell yes! Shy girl looks amazing on you!!!! xxx

  10. You look lovely! I love your fotd posts a lot. The shy girl lipstick and the blush look lovely on you. I also agree with you about the maxi :)

  11. just come across ur blog.. amazing!!! :)

  12. Thanks ladies.. I really didn't feel it today tho!

    @ TALI.. I'd be lying if I said you didn't tempt me haha.. we are so bad :P!

    @ Simarjit .. thank you so much :) xxx

  13. Super Pretty You are SOOOOO GGOOORRRGGEEOOUUSS !!! I love your hair I am FAN <3

  14. you look lovely hun! bad skin? I dont think so :) and that watch is uber cool! I love vintage stuff too

  15. Gorgeous! I love the way gingerly looks on you! xx

  16. Try investing in some multivitamin and see if it helps! did a massive change to me when i was wiped out and DRAINED! just a tip :)

  17. @ Chloe... I am sooo sad :( that I am going to Paris and your not going to be there :(((

    @ Shifa..thats the good thing about photos.. I am sure the flash is just my friend..

    @Jess I am seriously considering it, because I am soo run down constantly! Thanks for the advice xx

  18. Hey babe, you look GORJ! Been following your blog for a while, so glad I came across it! This is abitttt randomm, but your camera looks great, what is the model if you don't mind me asking? xxx


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