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// OPI - Coney Island Cotton Candy


After a day of the pretty lilac, it chipped! What can you expect for 2.50 and no top coat!? So yesterday I decided to paint my nails a very natural colour, This is OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy. Its a lovely nude with a gorgeous hint of peach only problem is that it is VERY sheer! I honestly applied like 4 coats, ended up falling asleep and waking up with total bed nails. NOT GOOD. I decided to put top coat over it this morning but you can still see the imprints from my bed sheets! So again this will only be on my nails until this evening. The picture unfortunately doesn't show the pretty colour it is, however I will not be rushing to apply this again!

What colour nails do you ladies have right now? I am about to change mine and need some inspiration..




  1. I love this colour, had it on yday but I agree it took me 4 coats! Worth it I think :)

    Lu xo

  2. I agree it's ridiculous how many coats Coney Island Cotton Candy needs but I still love it and the way it sort of looks gummy-like, if you even know what I mean?! I've just had a go at leopard print nails everyone seems to be wearing at the moment! Sort of tacky but I love it at the same time :)

  3. It's a beautiful colour! Shame that it's a bit of a pain to apply! xo

  4. I know what you mean about sheer polishes! Everytime I put on OPI Sweet Heart or Bubble Bath I always have my sheets imprinted on them too. You have to apply 4 coats to be opaque :( not good.

    I'm wearing OPI Mod About You. It's my fave color and I've been wearing it for a month :)

  5. Oohh.. Am I the only one who wakes up with bed prints on the nails only on the days when I really have no time to re-do them or is it some kind of a law?
    By the way it may be my bad eyesight, but I don't see any imprints on you nails, looks very lovely as always
    I never came across a "normal" neutral color - they all seem to be either very sheer (require a dozen of coats) or too chalky and streaky (because they have too much opaque white color mixed in them)
    any recommendations?

  6. Ugh bed nails...happens to me all the time! I know what you mean about cheap nail polish. I tried a minty colour by Australis (was only $7.95) and my whole nail chipped within a day..not cool, I'll be sticking to OPI from now on! I'm feeling red nails coming on for myself...

  7. Yes its a pain and the amount of coats is crazy! BUT I still LOVE it to death. When I run into these issues with polishes that are my favorite, I just dont bother to do it myself. I'll take it with me to get a mani/pedi then sit under the pro light/dryer... extra steps but worth it when u really LUV a color!

  8. A classic red is on my nails at the moment called The Thrill of Brazil by OPI - absolutely love it! Personally, i feel a classic red colour should be in every nail varnish collection! :)

    I recently started up my own fashion blog by the way :)


  9. amazing colour.. its suits tan skin tone aswell which i love.. its so hard to get colours which look nice esp. on my skin tone.

    ps. check out my blog.

  10. The Colour is really gorgeous, but when it´s so sheer, you get always ugly bed-nails :(


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