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// NARS Fall 2010 - Rajasthan e/s duo



I absolutely adore NARS eyeshadows, especially the Duos. I think they come in such intense, fabulous colours, they really blend like a dream and for £23.00 they are pretty good value. It was no suprise that I fell in love with the two new duos released with the fall 2010 collection. So on Thursday I treated myself to 'Rajasthan'.



It is such a stunning duo and is really versatile. The gold is really pretty and has more of a bronze tone to it, it is teamed with a deep charcoal green if that makes any sense at all. I love that the darker colour looks different on almost every complexion, on myself its more of a smokey grey that reflects turquoise sparkle. This duo can be worn as subtle or as dramatic as you like.. As always I wear it pretty smoked up! - Gotta love a bit of drama on the eyes!


Have you ladies bought anything from the new NARS collection? What do you think of the duos? What are your favourite NARS products? Do you ladies like NARS?



  1. I love Nars, especially their blushers but can't always afford it. This duo does look really pigmented and good though x

  2. That looks pretty ...and that shall be purchased!

  3. @ Une Tasse.. I agree.. NARS is that little bit more expensive.. but nice for a treat :).. the blushers are amazing!

    @ Yinka.. LOL.. It is gorgeous.. I LOVE ITTTT!! Have worn it the last 3 days! lol.. x

  4. yea iv been contemplatin this one, thoug i had to buy the purple as soon as i layed eyes on it! im defo gonna pick up the eye and blush palette too

  5. 3 days? That's a good sign! LOL

  6. SOO pretty! You look flawless!
    xoxo Debby

  7. I love their eye-shadows the most! I can never get enough of Bali in particular

  8. Looks lovely on you. I've been eyeing this up since reading about it on Temptalia!

  9. Haha I had a feeling you would get it when we were chatting, it just has that serious 'buuuuyyy mee' quality! I have totally neglected Tzarine so far for this one..oops!

  10. it looks great ! especially on tanned skin !

    thanks for sharing !!!!


  11. i adore nars

    looks amazing on you

  12. Such beautiful colours! Might have to treat myself too then!
    Would anyone recommend the Nars Sheer Glow/Matte? Because i've heard mixed reviews...


  13. VERY pretty and it actually looks a lot nicer than it looks on the pallet! Georgous eyes!

    If you are able to do a tutorial on how to apply eye liner that would be great! I really struggle...

  14. You look completely flawless!

    Totally gorgeous sweets x


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