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// Nails - Mixing it up



I've had love for coral nails pretty much all summer.. actually I've had love for coral everything this summer. I did a post a while back on this no.17 super cheap nail polish in 'Orange Soda', it's pretty but when I painted my nails this colour I just wasn't feeling it. I decided to mix things up and put OPI's Coney Island Cotton Candy over it. This colour as most of you may already know is a super sheer but beautiful Louboutin Nude colour! That's what best describes it. I put one coat of this over the 'Orange Soda' and I love the combo, honestly it looks JUST like Illamsqua's 'Brink' lipstick.



What do you ladies think? Do you often mix colours/layer them? What has been your colour this summer? What are you currently wearing?



  1. I love mixing my polish to create a different shade. This looks lush :)

  2. I love mixing too :D Amazing what colours u get.

  3. I love how this turned out! The color looks really flattering against your skin tone!

    I have been wearing Essie's Van D'Go all summer long. Essie's formula isn't my favorite, but the color makes it worth the streaky mess it can sometimes cause. You should try that shade out; it's sort of in the same family as the pictures of your nails.

    I used to mix a gold sparkle polish with a deep, cherry colored red. I prefer creme finishes, but the red and sparkles looked fun for the holidays!

    Great post!

  4. I always mix colours, my favourite is Barry M mushroom with a white, to make Eyeko Posh! xxx

  5. Oooh very nice. I'm loving corals at the moment too :) But i never say no to the classic red on the toes ;)


  6. That makes such a beautiful colour! Coral really suit you x

  7. Ooh that looks pretty! I often put glitters on top of plain colours to make them a bit fancy if i'm in the mood for glittery nails haha.

  8. amazing combo! I love mixing and layering polishes. Lately I've been loving a red polish over a deep purple or burgundy color - it spices things up


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