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// My Sunday - Brick Lane, New Jewels, FOTD.



How was everyones Sunday? I had a good day and relatively busy one. I woke up early tidied my room, hoovered and then got ready to head out to Brick Lane my perfect Sunday!

To be honest there was only one reason I wanted to go to Brick Lane and that was to go see Lisa and Blue at Galibardy. I was in need of some new jewels and knew this was the place I'd find them! There was so much I wanted.. I love it all! You know me, anything blingy goes..


I love this ring it is perfect - so glitzy and so girly! It is such an eye catching piece, I don't have anything like this in my jewelry collection so I'm glad I found it. A crown for a queen HAHA.. just kidding. I have to say it looks super sparkly and I'm loving how it works with my new watch!



I also picked out these large rose earrings, they are a lovely cream/nude colour. I already have a smaller pair of these in fuscia but felt like I needed these. They are so pretty.

I love my Galibardy jewellry and think that Lisa and Blue are doing so well for themselves.. Did you spot Galibardy in Look magazine this week!? Do any of you have any pieces from Galibardy? Check out their amazing website HERE

Here are some pics I took with my hipstamatic iPhone app..loving it!





Today, I was desperate to wear RED lipstick today.. although once I had it on I hated it! There was a time it was all I used to wear. The sun was semi out by the time I started getting ready so I decided to wear my high waisted Zara shorts with a black scoop neck top and my vintage Moschino belt. Although by the time I stepped out it started to rain so I swapped the shorts for jeggings!



MAC Studio sculpt foundation NC45

MAC Studio sculpt concealer NC42

MAC blush in Gingerly


MAC Vanilla e/s all over the lid

MAC Cork e/s in the crease

MAC Liquidlast eyeliner in Point Black

MAC Kohl liner in Smoulder

Max factor false lash effect mascara


MAC Ruby Woo lipstick


Hope you have all had a fabulous weekend.. I am off to finish my Sunday chores..



GRRR how tedious! I honestly put this off all week, using all the brushes I have just so I don't have to clean them..Then SUNDAY comes!


How was your weekend what have you been up to? What purchases have put a smile on your face this week/end? I am currently unwinding with a cup of tea and a shisha! PERFECT!



  1. why din you like the red? I think it looks stunning on you and goes really well with the outfit too! that ring is defo an eyecatcher! need to check out their jewellery now.


  2. I wish they did more silver jewellery! A lot of the pieces I love from them are gold and gold just does not suit me! :( I adore everything you bought though!

  3. I love the large rose earrings :) stunning x

  4. omg u can seriously pull off a red like no ones business i love scared to even try red lol! im going to go buy a shisha flavor today! that's going to make me happy and keep me busy tonite lol!

  5. @ Shifa.. Thanks hun I guess I've done nude-ish lips for so long and so often to go back to red is a bit POW in your face lol! Oh well was fun while it lasted.. check the site that have some really unique pieces!

    @ Shortie31.. To be honest today when I was at their stall I noticed a lot more silver than I previously have.. I go through phases with silver/gold.. I think Im leaning to gold at the moment!

    @ Flutura whispers.. Thank you hun.. I haven't tried them on yet.. lol hope they look alright :P

  6. @ Amira.. you really make me laugh.. I get a bit scared with red.. although I never used to.. weird.. SHISHA FLAVOUR.. MMM!! No wonder your gona be happy tonight! xx

  7. Loving the red lipstick it really suits you :)

  8. Which brush do you use to apply your foundation?

    Also, I think the red is super fun and a nice change to your usual nude pinkish lip! I bet it makes your teeth look pearly white

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  10. Ruby Woo looks great on you!

  11. I love the red lips, looks very vintage. Also loving the belt! Fell in love with it as soon as I saw it :)


  12. Heeeey missus.... hows you??? long time no speaks haha your looking stunning as ever awh im super jealous.... & I love the red lips you really suit them, I never ever ever wore red lipstick until a few months ago & now Im addicted I havnt wore nudes or pinks in ages I should really dig them out again before summer ends for good if it hasnt already....loving the new blog look too very swish xoxo

  13. I was in Brick Lane lat week andI ve been meaning to check out Galibardy, love the bling =D

  14. zara - the belt - seriously on my wish list, i spyed one in tan the other day in a vintage shop, im actually kicking myself that i didnt buy it - but ive already been planning outfits around the black one !!

    red lips totally look amaze on you - you should deffo sport a brighter lip more often

    and goodness - where is that watch from ? i think i need it in my life, i was after michael kors - but im willing to throw that in the bin after seeing your piece there !
    share the wealth !

    fab post, fab pictures

    danielle xx

  15. ok i just went through ur enitre blog. phewwwwwwwww.
    It definitely saved me from a longggg boring day at work. I love ur blog!

    I hv a question 4 u tho..please please please, what camera do u use? I am currently on the hunt for a new camera & I need 2 do as much research as possible b4 taking d dive.
    Will love 4 u 2 stop by my pg sometime 2.

  16. Love that ring and you really suit red lipstick, I can't seem to pull it off!

  17. Aahh, me and Wilf saw Galibardy online a few months ago and made a mental wishlist and we saw the stand in the market the other week. He bought me something online but said he has to change it, eeee i want to know what it is haha xxxx

  18. HOLY CRAP YOU ARE SO HOT!! Sorry, anyways, couldn't contain myself. That ring is so pretty, where did u get it. You don't have to tell me. Please comment somewhere on my blog. xO stay hot.


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