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// July - More IN and less OUT..


Hello ladies.. I haven't done one of these in FOREVER.. Can you believe we are in August already!?!?? Where is the time going!? We are in the second half of the year already, how scary. Summer is almost over and it doesn't really feel like we've had a full summer! GRR. I thought I would do this to ramble on a little bit.. If you have done one of these leave me the link in the comments so I can have a read!


MAC Peachtwist blush

Since Dubai, this has been my go to blush I think I have worn this almost everyday! I absolutley love the warmness and sparkle of it. It is working so well with my *sad face* fading tan, I really recommend it. Although it's a sheertone blush I am super impressed with how pigmented it is.

By Terry Baume de Rose

I have been wearing this everyday, honestly nothing beats applying this to my lips. I love it, the texture is so beautiful. I have noticed a real difference to the softness of my lips. I also love the fact it has such a pretty pink/lilac sheen to it that is perfect on it's own or over a lipstick.

Bio Oil

This has been my saviour, honestly my skin has been so up and down lately and it seems as if Bio Oil is the only thing that has helped. I really don't know what I'd do without it. I have noticed how dehydrated my skin has been and this has really been helping. I apply it on its own or as part of my skin care routine, i.e under my moisturiser. I know a lot of people get skeptical about putting oil on their skin but I seriously couldn't live without this product right now.

Sigma brushes

I was sent a complete brush kit by Sigma make up and I have honestly been loving using these brushes, I have really put aside my MAC brushes and have new found love for these babies. A full review to come soon so look out for that!!

iPhone 4

I took the plunge and on Friday I decided to get the iPhone 4, I have been an iPhone user from the very beginning and well I NEEDED the iPhone 4. Despite all the criticisms I have to say I am loving my new phone. I have so far not experienced any problems and I am really enjoying using it.


I love my iPad it such an ideal way to browse the net. It's perfect for traveling and I am loving having apps on a big screen. I have been doing Island Cardio, which my girl Tali recommended! I have to say I look totally ridiculous dancing like I'm from Hawaii, but hey its hurting so thats my way of believeing its working lol!


I love to travel especially during the summer, I am lucky that I have been to Egypt and Dubai already this year. This week I am off to Paris, which I am really looking forward to. I love Paris and it feels as if its been ages since I was back. I have also *JUMPS AROUND EXCITEDLY* booked my flight to see one of my closest girls in Orlando in September.. I can't wait.. we will be spending a few days in Miami too which should be mucho fun!

New Clothes

I have honestly been buying so much.. I have so many new clothes that I am desperate to wear.. lol.. I might start doing pics on the blog, although its tricky because I don't always have someone to take pics of me. I feel that my style is changing, as is my sizing so it's always an excuse to buy new clothes.


My friends have been amazing lately, I have also been in contact with long lost friends which is a great feeling. My best friend is in Tokyo at the moment and I am missing her like mad. Also the gorgeous Tali over at the GlossGoss, another one of my close friends is in Croatia and I can not wait for her to come back today! We have become so close over the last few months and it's been so weird not having her around!

Told you there was a lot of IN's!


English Summer

The weather has been so bad the last few days I am honestly ready to scream, the weather impacts heavily on my mood and I think for those of you that follow me on twitter, will notice my moody tweets [sorry] I think that is why I have been so unsettled lately, because of the "Summer". We have good days then bad days.. but the gloominess of this weekend really pissed me off!!

Make up

Despite a few recent purchases, I haven't felt as inclined to buy make up as I usually do. I think I have got to the stage where I really am re-evaluating the products I use and using them more wisely. YAY... Give me a month! HA.

Diet - Weighing myself

I have been eating so badly lately.. I really need to jump back on the bandwagon. I am really trying to reach my goal weight but am also becoming obsessed with weighing myself. I don't have scales at home and instead I go to Boots approx once a week and get on the weighing machine which is pretty accurate and also calculates your BMI. From the beginning of when I started dieting I NEVER used to get on the scales I began to notice differences from the ways in which clothes fit me. I think I need to forget about the scales.. eat healthily and enjoy exercise. So for the next few weeks I am going to avoid Boots and the scales!

So there you have it..

What are you ins and outs of July/Summer?! I love knowing these.. leave me a comment



  1. I know what you mean about the stupid English weather, it actually reflects my mood throughout the whole day! I dont like hot weather to be honest, which is weird cos im from the Middle East lol! But I love sun and a breeze which is usually English summer.
    You're so lucky to have travelled twice already and going soon again! I really need a holiday, have been saving up to go to Egypt in a few weeks! :D
    Woah life story lol, loved this post, and love your blog!
    Take care babe xxx

  2. Ahh thanks Hun..I like doing things like this because it really gets me thinking and reflecting on everything!

    I would love the weather to be sunny..even if it's chilly the sun just cheers me up!

    Hope you have a great trip in Egypt..I'm sure you will! I've been about 6 times and I still love it xxx

  3. Hi Zara:)

    Lovely post:)
    My in is traveling too:) I love travels. Also I love this summer. Lithuanian summer:) The weather is amazing! Like in Italy, or Spain - sun every day, hot and so on:) My brother is living in England, so I know about English summer..:(
    Other my in is my family, friends and my dog:) Im so happy because in family we have really close relantionship, my friends ar REAL friends and I have amazing dog, wich makes me smile every day:) Also, he is very alive and need sport every day, so it makes me running or take bicycle riding EVERY day:)So, my dog helps me to keep my form:)
    What about outs.. I dont know:) Maybe I have too little cosmetic;DD

  4. Hi Zara,

    I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and I am really enjoying it. This is a great post! I too love knowing what people's Ins/Outs are. Right now my newest In is the By Terry Baume de Rose, I just picked one up yesterday. I am a self confessed lip product junkie and I am loving this! The other has been my MAS MSF Natural, this summer (before I moved to the UK from New York) has be HOT and I hate wearing a lot of makeup during those hot days. It's been a Godsend!

    Have fun in Paris, I am thinking about going next week, I've never been and I thought I'd send myself as a birthday present to me :)


  5. I'm off to Paris this week too!! You have to reccommend some nice shisha places because this is only my second time! (1st time I went to Disneyland so not sure if that counts lol :S ?!)

    & A lot of people have been raving about the Baume de Rose so I think I will have to try it out :-)

    Sami x

  6. I totally agree with you about the weather, I think I have undiagnosed SAD! When it's cold and dark, I feel like crying. I'm in love with your sense of style, your SO classy, especially the way you wear your clothes and jewellery, your a great inspiration for being trying out different looks :)

    My ins and outs


  7. i'm glad that you're avoiding the scales .. they are so inaccurate.. i weight myself every 2 weeks to get an accurate measure! ahh i went to egypt too.. it was amazing! i hope u have loads of fun in Paris - please takes loads of photos :) hehe xx


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