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Hey guys hope you have all had a great day, I have been pretty bored today and I am actually quite ready to go back to work tomorrow. It's going to be a real busy week for me so I have scheduled a few posts for later on in the week. I have spent my bank holiday lounging around at home, I am fasting today and I have no energy to do anything. I am hoping to go and break my fast in this yummy thai restaurant close to where I live. I am all dressed up and nowhere to go.. well tell a lie.. I'm wearing a t-shirt and pyjama bottoms! I am just too cold right now and as I post this I am sat under a blanket watching friends. By the way PLEASE don't think that I put make up on to sit around at home haha.. I was meant to go out, but ended up staying in.. that's why I'm eager to go out to eat later!



MAC Studio sculpt foundation NC45

MAC Studio sculpt concealer NC42

MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder

MAC Blush in 'Dame'



MAC Vanilla e/s on the lid.

MAC Club e/s in the crease.

Shu Uemura Painting liner

Max factor false lash effect mascara


Can I just say.. I am soooo in love with MAC's Club e/s it is one I have had for ages, but always forget about. It has such an amazing two tone to it.. It really looks different when you catch it in different lighting. It is really gorgeous - Very Peacock like.




MAC Saint Germain lipstick

MAC lipliner in Hover [Over the lippy]

MAC 2N lipgloss


I had my haircut last week and I know I usually post pictures but this time my hairdresser didn't have time to blowdry my hair and to be honest I really didn't mind because it was pouring down with rain! I'm not sure if I like it.. its a pretty standard cut but just feels a lot shorter. I have to say though in these pics I have done NOTHING to my hair.. I woke up and just left it! I don't know at least it will grow better now its had the bottoms off!

Anyways.. How is your day going? Better than mine? I just want to let you know in advance for one of the posts I have planned, I took photos today so will be wearing the same t-shirt, it's not just because I have no clothes - sorry for that! What have you done this weekend?



  1. Do you curl ur hair or does it have a natural wave? If you do curl it what do you use? Look lovely as usual hun xx

  2. You look beautiful! Love Saint Germain on you :) Love your t shirt too!

  3. Hey lovely, dont worry you're not alone. Im fasting too and have just been lazing around watching xfactor repeat and friends all day in my pjs but I have my hair and makeup done, and also hoping to go out for dinner tonight haha! You look beautiiiffuulll as usual, so hope you do go out, and have fun ;) take care xxxx

  4. I love false lash effect mascara :) best one in the whole world hehe

  5. @ sweetchie85.. I usually curl it on one day and then sleep on it and leave it for the next. I dont use any curling tongs.. I use hair straightners and just wrap the hair around.

    @ Ellemarie84.. Saint Germain on its own honestly looks AWFUL on me.. its so chalky! So I put the lip liner over it to give it a bit more warmth!

  6. @ Ulaaa thats so funny! glad i'm not the only one!! what u planning on eating?

    @Tugba.. agreed :)

  7. I love how flawless your skin always looks Zara! You tempt me to get Studio Sculpt you know, but am so scared it might end up looking cakey for day time :S I got face and body instead


  8. You look beautiful huni! Amazing eyes :)

    Love the tee from H&M as well-I have it too and adore it xx

  9. @ Shifa.. trust me its just the camera im sure.. my skin is so bad right now.. as my body and skin is soooo badly dehydrated!!! grr.. I applied it with a 187 and it goes on really lightly..I just HATE the smell!!! My skin is so bad and blemishy that I NEEED a full coverage foundation!!

    @ Claire.. Thank you doll.. I know the tee is cute.. forgot i had it!! lol.. love it.. good ol h&m never lets me down!


  10. You look gorgeous!! *-* lovely look!! ^:^


  11. u r so gorgeous!!! your skin looks absolutely flawless!

  12. i love the make up and the t-shirt <3

  13. I love how you can wear gorgeous pale pink shades like this. You look beautiful (as always!)


  14. Love this look
    I've been trying to get club for about a year. But every time I talk myself out of it in the last moment. I'm afraid it would turn out too dramatic and I don't want to get a product which is already expected not to get a lot of love/use. Same is with NARS Mekong
    Which one do you advise to get so that I could use it more often?

  15. Beautiful! I love Club eyeshadow. x

  16. My god you look gorgeous! You look just like Kim K. in the top photo!

    xx, Mary

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  18. Love the hair and make up doll! You really look like Lea Michele.x

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  20. I love Club e/s too, I usually just put it on alone lid to up over crease and because of the two tone effect and natural shading it looks like I have two diff colours on perfectly melded together. I just got vanilla e/s as one of my birthday preents from my wish list, so will have a go at this look. Thanks for posting. You look beautiful which I see is very much the norm :-)


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