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Hey everyone, hope your all having a great week. I am so glad its Wednesday! Yay means just today of work then a nice 5 day weekend! This evening we had another corporate event at work and it was such a pleasure, I honestly had so much fun! We had Emma Hardie herself doing a demonstration and talking through the brand which was great. I did make up on about 4 women, they were all so lovely it honestly felt as if I spent the evening doing make up and talking through my favourite products with friends.

I had straight hair today, which is such a rarity.. can't believe how long it's got.. must be thank to my Bumble and Bumble mask which is working wonders. I also wore my favourite Shu Uemura false lashes!



MAC Studio sculpt NC45

MAC Studio sculpt concealer NC42

MAC Ripe Peach ombre blush

MAC Gold Deposit highlighter


MAC Tempting e/s

MAC Black tied e/s

MAC Liquidlast eyeliner in Point Black

Shu Uemura luxe black lashes

MAX FACTOR False lash effect mascara




MAC Soar lipliner

NARS Chelsea girls lipliner


I usually always were skirts/dresses when I'm working but today I decided to wear these new cropped trousers I bought from Zara. I didn't intend on them being work trousers more so for smart evenings out with a pair of heels. However all the girls at work really liked them, so I thought I'd show you a pic. [Apologies for the quality, it was taken on my iPhone] I really like wearing trousers, I just don't think they suit me.. but thanks to my lovely lot at work I feel more confident in wearing them. I love this style of trouser too, slightly high waisted and narrow/a little cropped!


How is everyones week going? Hope you are all well? Just want to say a big thank you to a few people who have taken the time out to e-mail me just to say they enjoy reading.. It honestly means so very much! You guys are the reason I keep writing! Have a good week and I shall speak to you dolls soon..

P.S I know I look moody in the pics.. I was in a rush before work..Nothing but smiles all around :)

Lots of Love



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  2. You look AMAZING! love your makeup so much!
    I gave you an Award!! It's on my blog, The Versatile blogger award!
    xoxo Debby

  3. You look flawless! Your skin is positively glowing :)

  4. ur so gorgeous its like ridiculous lol i love that necklace on u its super pretty! your hair has gotten long indeed..i really want that bumble and bumble mask...i have no idea where to find it its like a mission lol

  5. this is one of my fave makeup looks on you! :)

  6. You are stunning! I love your outfit

  7. Hello!
    You look lovely, as usually. I love that dragonfly(?) necklace. Your fiancés got it for you, right?
    I like, big hair, so when you have it curled/waved, its my favorite.
    Another que, what do you do to your eyebrows? They are perfection, my gosh love them.


  8. The make up is gorgeous as usual and those trousers really suit you

  9. you honestly have the fiercest eyebrows, i want them!!
    loving your accessories and outfit too.
    enjoy your 5 day weekend lucky girl! :D

  10. You look absolutely gorgeous sweets, your skin and makeup is just flawless :)

    Loving the lashes xx

  11. I agree with all the comments above, your skin looks flawless!
    Very pretty :).

  12. Girl I would kill for those eyebrows! And you look amazing as always, makeup impeccable, hair gorge, everything!

  13. Really love the outfit! The blazer and necklace finish it off and it looks really elegant :) also loving the false lashes, although they don't look like falsies, just like amazingly mascara'ed up lashes, if that makes sense? xx

  14. I la la love how you do your eye make up, it looks beautiful. And the jewellery is to die for. Where is it from?

    I recently went down to London and visited Galibardy, must agree, it is one hell of a jewellery shop! I bought loooads of jewellery, the prices weren't bad either.



  15. You look amazing in trousers lady!! xx

  16. i love those trousers on you zara!

  17. u look fabulous! This hair def suits u. Read ur hair phases post yesterday. lol

    BTW I'm Still waiting on my answer girly!
    What camera do u use?

  18. You always look beautiful. Such luscious lips and amazing brows. I love the cropped trousers too, they really suit you xx

  19. Thank you so much ladies..

    @ Debby thank u hun! I really appreciate it!

    @ Amira I think they use bumble and bumble in lots of salons in the states.. u should try finding it online?

    @ Cupcakes and.. I generally have quite thick brows.. but I fill them in with an angled brush and just black e/s :)

    @ Dani.. the shu, luxe black lashes are my fave! they blend in really well with my own without looking overly fake!! They last so long as well!

    @ Designerspray.. the necklace is from Liberty's in London :), YES Galibardy have amazing things.. I love them!

    @$dith...I use a samsung digi cam,, altho possibly by next week I will be jumping on the DSLR bandwagon!

    @Modestybrown - Thank you hun.. It really is just a camera that likes me lol, I am sure as soon as i get the new one we won't have as good of relationship!

    Thanks again ladies.. I feel like I'm gona wear the trousers more often now! YAY!

  20. hello. I really love yout trousers, where are they from?

  21. pretty !! im in luv with that necklace


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