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Hey dolls hope everyone had a great day.. just here with another face of the day. Today I had an evening event at work, which meant I didn't start till 3, on days like this I end up sitting at my dressing table just playing around :). I wore my NARS Rajasthan duo, which I still can't get enough of. Seriously might have to hide this from myself because it's ALL I'm wearing lately.

I did about four makeovers and used my Sigma brush kit [I know naughty naughty!] but I have to say I really enjoyed using them!



MAC Studio sculpt NC45

MAC Studio sculpt concealer NC42

MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder


MAC Melba


MAC Shimpagne MSF



NARS Rajasthan duo

MAC Vanilla e/s as a highlight

Shu Uemura Painting liner

Max Factor False lash effect mascara




MAC Soar lipliner

NARS Chelsea Girls Lip lacquer

How was everyones day? What make up product can you just not get enough of lately?

Lots of Love



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  2. NARS Chelsea Girls is amazing.

  3. beautiful look! You've got amazing lashes :)

  4. perfect colors! need to get my hands on this soon!!

    on a different note: have you ever tried mac's mocca blush? I think you might like it (dark hair, eyes and complexion and all) I totally undererstimated this color. I got it as a gift and, at first, I thought it's a rather boring, nothing-special-kind of pinky matte shade. but now it's seriously the only color I wanna use on my cheeks (occasionally with stereo rose on top).

    xx em

  5. ur so gorgeous! i really love how u do your eyeliner its so perfect..I really wanna invest in some Nars duos they seem so gorgeous

  6. Love the look! I wish I was good at applying makeup like you, but sadly I suck!
    Quick que, I just got Sigma brushes, the 12 w/o the brush roll, I saw your review on it, && your brushes have the "SS #s" on it, mine don't, do you know why?


  7. Stunning :)
    I love your make-up here, and your hair just looks gorgeous as always x

  8. YOu are just too pretty for words =)

  9. Ooooo, Pretty!
    I cant get enough of my cream blush in Dixie by Illamasqua!

  10. you're tempting me to get that duo now Zara!!

  11. You are absolutely stunning!! Love your make up!

  12. You look amazing as always! Love the makeup!

  13. You look totally stunning - can I book in for a makeover there (being totally serious)? x

  14. Thanks guys..
    @ Parisa.. my first fast was today.. it went well other than me being EXHAUSTED.. i only slept for 3 and half hours and was off to work at 7! cant sleep these days!

    @ legseleven I loveee chelsea girls.. its really not as sticky as I though it would be!!

    @ Particuliere I actually bought Mocha for my mum.. might have to give it a go and let u know how I get on with it.. funny I was sitting as her dressing table earlier swatching it! lol

    @ Amira.. nars duos are beautiful and so versatile.. they blend like a dream!

    @$armin.. I noticed Sigma had changed the brush names.. I have no idea why? might have to look in to that.. how are you getting on with the brush set?

    @ Neeli.. I havent worn Dixie in sooo long.. When the weather is warmer I don't know why but i tend to not use creme products as much!

    @ Shifa.. Am I? its sooo pretty would look great on u!

    @ Sarah.. Yeh you can.. I would get my friend Louise to do it.. she is honestly AMAZING!!!!! I love it when she does make up, For some reason I love advising people but really don't enjoy the makeovers as much.. am sur on you this wouldnt be the case tho! I will DM you the shops number and you can call up to book in!

  15. New follower here! :)

    You are stunning AND have great make-up skills? Share the wealth already! LOL!


  16. love the look! and LOVE the way you do your eyeliner its always to perfect! do you have a fave brush for gel liner application?

    I've been obsessed with Smashbox lipgloss in Pop

  17. Ooh I love your hair in this! Could you tell us how you styled those lovely locks please?? :D


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