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In my previous mascara post I mentioned the Chantecaille mascara. I am unaware as to how much you ladies know about the brand? Chantecaille are basically a botanical skincare and makeup brand. The products are really luxurious and they use rose water as the base of many of their products. the whole range is beautiful and very loving on the skin.

The faux cils mascara is amazing in the way in which it performs. As previously mentioned this mascara is rosewater based, so naturally anti-bacterial. This is ideal for people with sensitive eyes or for people who wear contacts or are in high humidity etc. Another great thing about this mascara is that is fruit and flower wax based, which means that it doesn't grow the fibres that normal mascaras do - For this reason it doesn't clump the lashes or dry up as quickly as normal mascaras. Because of this Chantecaille's faux cils mascara honestly lasts up to about 5 months. I guess that compensates for the price at £31.It is not exactly the cheapest of mascaras, but one I suggest you try at some point..even if it is just in store, to see what the hype is about.


This mascara works on the lashes individually, the use of red seaweed extracts contributes to lengthening and the use of the natural waxes means this mascara is buildable without becoming clumpy, so you can really create maximum drama. I have to admit I love using this mascara, but there's a part of me that secretly likes thick cloggy mascaras, I also get bored too quickly and like to try out the next thing on the Market! (yes I did just say that)


My mother loved this mascara so much I ended up giving it to her to use! I bought it almost 3 months ago and when I applied this mascara today it still felt like new. I love that! As you can see from the pics, it is more volumous on me than lengthening.

It also smells divine, like roses..which makes a change from the pastic-esque smell of my favourite drugstore ones. Have any of you tried chantecaille products? Would you consider paying £31 on a mascara?



  1. Thank you for the review! does it smudge of fall off at some point of time?
    Although it's pricey - I think after all you end up saving
    first of, it's better to invest in something good and not harmful, rather then to heal your eyes - which I do a lot after eye products experiments, as I wear contacts and as if it wasn't enough I have allergies
    and lets face it - most of us have at least half a dozen of drugstore mascaras in our drawer that we don't use - and they rotate from a new purchase to a trash can candidate rather often - so here we've got the money for chantecaille

  2. It really doesn't smudge.. I also find that your lashes look great but don't feel heavily coated in mascara! Its true tho because it lasts so long it actually works out a cheaper way of doing it, than having to buy a new drugstore mascara monthly!

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  4. £31?!! I dunno if I can bring myself to part with that for a mascara!It makes your lashes look amazing. You have the wickedest lashes anyway though!!

  5. Yinka.. I know I know.. its a lot! but if you break it doesnt work out too bad.. that's how i justify things.. lol xx

  6. There are so many great unexpensive mascaras which gives the same result ^^. These days i use the "atomic volume" by Sephora (16euros) and i'm super satisfied by the result. Try it you'll like it for sure ;)

  7. Have been thinking of getting this mascara and after reading your review I'm off to get some tomorrow.

    Also try out Laura Mercia's new mascara.. it's really good and half the price of Chanecaille!

    Thank you



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