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Yesterday I had such a lovely evening with the gorgeous Tali, we always have so much fun together.. and last night was no exception. We ate yummy food, smoked shisha, had a great girly evening with lots of gossip.. not to mention Goodies! Miss glossy really spoilt me with lots of things she'd picked up for me on her recent travels and just in general. One of these babies was the new 'IT' colour from Chanel, Paradoxal.. I have to say in the bottle it's amazing, such a mysterious two toned purple.. I LOVE IT.



HOWEVER.. this is deceiving! On the nails.. it is totally different. I still really like it..but it's not as amazing as it appears. It is more like a murky purple grey. A lot of people have compared it to Models own's 'Purple Grey' and this is definitely a true description. It looks different under different lighting, it can be pretty as it has a gorgeous pinky/purple sparkle when you look close enough.



I do really like it but I just feel slightly let down. It requires two coats as I find Chanel nail polishes are slightly streaky. Sorry for the messy nails in the pictures, I was being to lazy to clean up the edges.


What do you ladies think of Paradoxal is it one you will be purchasing or will you try the Models Own? Or is this colour just not for you?



  1. I love the color, but I'm rather cheap - I could never make myself spend more then $10 0on a polish. I was going to break my habit and get this one - this sounded like my two favorite colors together - but as far as I read the reviews - most of the time it looks a lot like Metro Chic and I already own it

  2. Hmm Paradoxal is not for me but may give Purple Grey a go.. I just bought a few nail polishes though so won't be buying it in a hurry! :p

  3. Hello!
    Yeah, I don't own any Chanel nail polishes, I am suckers for OPI. && to me, this color, "Paradoxal", kinda looks like OPI's "You don't know Jacques"...


  4. i have purple grey on my nails right now, and I thought it wouldn't be that similar, after all in the bottle paradoxal looks quite sparkly, but in your picture, the two are almost identical! xx

  5. It looks amazing, but i'm likr @Renee and can't bring myself to spend more than £10 on nail polish. I suppose Chanel can be the exception though...!


  6. Unfortunately colors in that family look awful on me. :o(

  7. I gave paradoxal and miss and went for jade rose instead! x

  8. Im going for the models own purple grey because my two Chanel Polishes are okay in formulation in my opinion xx


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