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// Caudalie - Contouring Concentrate


Caudalie is a french brand that specialises in gorgeous skin care, I love their products because they are so affordable, 100% natural and really seem to work well. I had some training on the brand last week and was really eager to try out their contouring concentrate oil [Basically another anti cellulite solution?]. if you have read my previous post on the L'oreal sculpt up gel, then you will know I was quite satisfied with the results. I am, however like most of us beauty addicts always on the look out for something new. This oil is meant to be a 40 day treatment, you basically apply a few pumps of the oil on to your hips, thighs and buttocks and it is supposed to drain, slim and nourish problem areas. It is set to target water retained areas and you can lose up to 3.8 CMs after the 28 days, I think it's one of the very few 100% Natural anti-cellulite products out there! That had me sold straight away. Today was the first day I used the product and although it's an oil/serum consistency it really penetrated into my skin and didn't leave my legs feeling as if I had just applied an oil. For best results you are meant to use it with a scrub twice a week. It is only intended to be used once, daily and best after a bath/shower.

I am going to measure myself and document my 28 days of this product. It has a gauge on the side of the bottle so its marked out as to how much you are meant to use a day. I love that it's a spray/pump oil it just means less mess and trust me I'm messy enough!


It is priced at £25.50, which if you think about it.. is less than a £1 a day!

Caudalie is sold in Space Nk, Some Boots, ASOS and department stores within the UK. In France Caudalie is pretty much available everywhere! [If you are in France I think it's actually a bit cheaper over there!] I am sure you can purchase online if you are elsewhere and interested :)

So ladies.. 28 days from now I will reveal my thoughts but wanted you to know about my next anti cellulite discovery! If I notice any changes weekly I will be sure to let you know

P.S All of the Caudalie range smells AMAZING, as the products are based on vineries - I love the fruity fresh grape smell. Their hand cream is my favourite!!!

P.P.S Sorry about the pictures it proved impossible to take any because of the bottle/lighting etc.. so the first pic is from google images. I really dislike not using my own photos but hey :(

Have any of you used any Caudalie products? What about anti cellulite products? What are you favourites?



  1. Hi! I have been reading your blog for some time now, this is my 1st time commenting, (I didn't know how to before) I just want to say, I think I am in love with your eyebrows! They are perfect, they remind me of Kim Kardashian. Your beautiful, god I sound like a creeper now, so I am gonna stop.

    && yeah, never tried anti cellulite products, maybe I should start...


  2. I'm usually a bit sceptical about anti-cellulite products so it should be interesting to see if this does actually work!
    Mwaah xx

  3. Anti cellulite products are really just a gimmick. I hate to hear you spending any money on them. According to any Dermatologist or Physician and any Peer reviewed journal, there is no known cure for cellulite.

    You can TEMPORARILY reduce the appearance of it however. Body brushing, and massaging can help. Also, products containing green tea or Caffeine can also help out. You can use a body scrub using your old coffee grinds in the shower.

    hope that helps!


  4. @ Vonzi
    If you had read my previous post on the L'oreal sculpt up gel.. you would know my real feelings behind any anti cellulite product. At the end of the day, its my choice as to what I spend money on.. and I am not using it to CURE cellulite.. I am giving it a go to see if I lose the 3.8CM's I was told about. Like most beauty bloggers I am curious in trying new products. I honestly believe there is no cure for cellulite.. obviously working out and creams/oils like this may temporarily target certain areas.. but as I said in my previous post.. I am more than happy with my shape and size.. It's just another product that I am interested in giving a go. Gimmick or no Gimmick..

    Thank you for your advice.. I will have to give the coffee grinds a go


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