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We all have a trustee mascara.. I pretty much love all the Lancome ones, but when it comes to drugstore mascara's my number one.. which I have re purchased again and again is...

MAX FACTOR False lash effect


I get on so well with this mascara, I honestly love it. I can't commit to just using this mascara though as there are so many on the market and I really won't stop till i have tried them all. This was on offer at superdrug with £3 off so I took that as my sign to buy it back in to my life. I have recommended this mascara to friends and family, but not everyone loves it like I do. I guess it just works for me, I love the fat brush and I love the volume it gives my lashes. I have to admit in these pictures it looks more lengthening than volumising that is honestly because I don't think this mascara works well when it's brand new it has to be a few days old.



My only dislike with this mascara and most mascaras is that it dries up just way too quick! BOO.. That's why I really like the Chantecaille mascara because it lasts for like 5 months!! I will do a post on that mascara soon.. so keep a look out for that.

For now it's False lash effect all the way!

What is your favourite drugstore mascara? What about high end mascara?

P.S Please excuse my tired eyes!

Lots of Love



  1. Your lashes are ridiculously long! I love 'em. I have that mascara but I can't remember how it performs.

    Fave high end - Lancome Hypnose Drama
    Fave high street - Need to come back to that one. Mac Factor Lash Extension for my lower lashes though.

  2. I love this mascara. I agree its a little bit too "wet" when its new, but I still love it! xx

  3. I just bought this today as iv tried it before but didnt really like it so thought i would give it another go.
    I wouldnt call it my "fave high end" mascara but i quite like the Ysl Faux Cils,not sure its amazing as some people seem to think.
    High street wise i love Maybelline. I love The Colossal and the Pulse Perfection, although i think the price tag of £15 is ridiculous

  4. Favourite drugstore mascara has to be false lash effect too and high end is definitely diorshow :)

  5. @ Yinka.. I agree I love lancome hypnose drama!

    @ Charlotte.. I agree these drugstore mascaras are just as expensive as the high end!

    @ Well dressed beauty.. I didn't get on with diorshow like I thought I would! Might have to give it another go..

  6. Oooh I love trying out mascaras, I have tried quite a few but at the moment my fave has to be
    High end- Lancome hypnose/hypnose drama or estee lauder sumptuous
    Low end - hands down max factor 2000 calorie, its amazing, zero clumps just lovely lashes! I always end up coming back to this one :)

  7. Snap! This is my all time fave mascara too... and I agree with you about the drying up bit... I still need to repurchase one of these x

  8. Oh, as a high end brand, definitely Lancôme Hypnôse, really good one. And, for drugstore, I would say the L'oreal voluminous one. I am always on the hunt for a mascara that gives me really thick voluminous lashes :)

  9. You're right, it dries up far too fast! I loved False Lash Effect when I first bought it's clump city and just a totally different texture, sob sob. My favourite high-end has to be Chanel Inimitable Intense, I'm in love, simple as that! As for drugstore mascaras, I actually really liked Maybelline The Falsies once I worked out how to use it properly without covering my lids in mascara...I'm also a fan of most Bourjois mascaras!x

  10. Mine would be Maybelline Full-n-Soft(natural no drama mascara) and Colossal (cut only after it's at least two weeks old). But right now I am developing my love to this one (Lash Blast to be exact) but I'm still not sure

  11. Your lashes are amazing! This mascara is also my holy grail mascara, I love it so much, its so amazing! xxx

  12. I love this mascara. I've only had this for two weeks now but it's really good. I always seem to do that when I find a new mascara. I'll buy one and fall in love with it, then buy another and i'll say thats my favourite haha and it'll just go on. I love this one right now though. :) x

  13. Right before I moved over to the UK I fell in love with the Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion mascara and of course I can't get it here. My mom is sending me a couple tubes in the mail soon though :)

  14. i've heard so many good things about this mascara...pretty cheap consider xx

  15. This is my faaaavourite mascara! Even though i always manage to blob it everywhere because the brush is so darn big lol but teamed with an eye lash curler this makes my lashes look awesome!

  16. My faves are L'oreal Panoramic Curl (very volumizing - and does curl my lashes) and Maybelline Full n Soft (easy to take off, and gives pretty good volume)

    I also find mascaras work the best after they have dried out a little bit.

  17. My Lancome Hypnose is my go to all time HG. Virtuose did nothing on me and i might have to try Hypnose Drama.

    However, My fav DrugStore mascara would be Rimmel Sexy curves. Can't get Max Factors False Lash Effect to show up on me at all. But im more of a volumising then lenghtening kinda girl!

    @ Jean : Cover Girl Last Blast IS Max Factors False Lash Effect. Even says on the max factors add "branded as Cover Girl Lash Blast in United States" or something similar lol

  18. Yess, absolutely agree, MaxFactor False Lash Effect is my favourite too. Was also considering buying a Lancome mascara (i was hoping to get it for my birthday). So once my False Lash Effect has ran out, might invest in a Lancome.


  19. Thanks for your recommendations ladies.. I have heard really good things about the 2000 calorie mascara, I think that will be my next drugstore mascara to try!

  20. Rimmal Sexy curves is a good one! xx

  21. your lashes are lush fave mascara at the moment is Rimmel Volume Flash Waterproof

  22. hey im new to your blog but have been clicking 'older posts' n am reading through it all...i loveeeeee it!!

    but just to say.. max factor tests on animals which is really sad i think...especially when you think of Tali's little kitten :(

    anyway i will defo be following!


  23. Really want to give this a go x


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