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// Short&Dark with 'My Private Jet'



I go through phases with nail colours as many of you would already know. I woke up yesterday and decided I wanted to cut my nails short and have them dark! I like having short nails, I like to feel things more if that makes any sense at all. Lucky for me my nails seem to grow quite quickly and very rarely do they chip or break. I have been filing them for what seems like forever.. so every once in a while I like to cut them off, it makes them grow better. Anyhoo.. short nails should defo be celebrated with dark colours... So I dug out my OPI 'My private jet' for some dark loving. I love this colour... but I also hate it, dont ask why? because I don't know. It's a colour that I can never seem to describe, partly because to me it's always changing! Right now it looks black with silver freckles, in the pictures? I'm not so sure? I am already feeling like a colour change? What do you think?


What colour are you wearing today?



  1. I love cutting my nails shorter too, I just think they look nicer! I'm sporting Barry M Mint Green on my nails :) xx

  2. Lovely nail polish! I have just took off mine and am about to apply a mint green colour by Australis...I'm hoping it comes out okay :)

  3. I just did my nails today and used No.7's Totally Teal :)
    Love the nails by the way :D x

  4. I love short nails, though sometimes I wake up and decide I want them long, unfortunately it's not that easy to go from short to long as vise versa (I don't think much of acrylics - we had very bad relationships in the past :)). I'm wearing Havana Dreams Sephora by OPI - pale sky blue - I actually wear it the whole week (though had to reapply)

  5. I love short nails on other people but on me they look weird as I have chubby fingers, so I feel with longer nails my fingers look slimmer, if that makes sense :P
    Love that colour on you tho! It looks hot!
    I've jus painted my nails in Rimmel's "I love lasting finish" in Hot Shot :)


  6. I think you pull this off quite well! I like it :) i've been sporting Essie's Coral Reef since ages and am still in love with it

  7. Great color :) I just started to follow your blog yesterday and looked all of you posts!! Love it! I'm wearing a Maybeline Mini Colorama Party Blue and I adore it !!

  8. That is a gorgeous colour! I am currently wearing Barry M Lemon Ice Cream :)


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