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Don't you just love 3 for 2s. When I was in Boots yesterday I got a little carried away with Maybelline. They do a nude range of lipsticks which I am absolutley in LOVE with. The texture, the colour, the appearance is just divine. I have been using the shade 721 Pinky Beige for is such a great nude for me. It's my really easy to go lipstick, I keep one in my car it tends to just go with any look. The stay on power isn't too great but for £4.99 what can you expect, the finish of the lipsticks is glossy but just the right amount.


I got the 721 and then I tried this peachy gloss over it and its a fabu combination. I think the gloss was something like 5.99. It's just a very versatlie colour and the nice thing about these glosses is that they aren't super sticky and gloopy. They glide on really well and that is something I always look for in a gloss. This colour is called Coral Blush 415.


I then had to chose a 3rd product to have as my free one, after uhming and aahhhing.. I went back to the Nude lipsticks and found the shade..633 Desert Bloom This colour is a little darker but again Gorgeous! I really love this collection from Maybelline. I think the nude line has 6 colours so really ladies check them out.



I tend to use so much MAC that you forget how good drugstore make up can be! Check these lipsticks out ladies! Sorry for the pics, I realise they don't look too clear. I will post more pics as I use these!



  1. I love pinky beige as well! It was my go-to lipstick until I got MAC Blankety - which I find is the exact same shade lol, just with better staying power. Pinky beige looks way more pink on you though, and more brown on me. I've been tempted by those glosses, must say I love the sleek tube :) xxx

  2. Loving the new blog layout! x

  3. I've got quite a few of the colour sensational glosses including 415 coral blush, and they're lovely! The combo with pinky beige looks lovely on you! Next time i'm in Boots or Superdrug, i'll check the lipsticks out :)

  4. loool your post title made me laugh (maybe its Maybeline), the colours look so nice & summery.
    Cant wait to see some FOTD with them :)


  5. I've got the desert bloom lipstick, its so lovely! Great post ;) xxx


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