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MAC Purchases in Dubai..

I was going to do a full haul from Dubai but really it's all taking me too long to find/photograph everything I wanted to share. I shall just mention it as I go along. The things I do want to share with you are a few MAC purchases I made on my last day in Dubai! Fyi MAC is expensive over there!!


I was in desperate need of a new foundation as obviously my tan had taken over. I usually go for studio fix fluid but I was curious to try something just a tad lighter in texture. I ended up chosing studio sculpt in the shade NC 45..although this is still a medium/full coverage foundation to me it somehow feels lighter. The consistency is gel based as opposed to liquid. Applied with a 187 brush the foundation goes on smoothly and evenly, I think that has to contribute to the way in which the foundation feels on my skin. I have worn it all week and it's lovely, I also like the fact that the finish is slightly dewy, it just feels like a more summer friendly foundation. I think that even when my tan fades I will have to purchase studio sculpt in my correct colour because I'm really liking it. I also love the fact it's in a plastic tube, it's so much easier to carry around and much lighter. I have used the studio sculpt concealer but had never tried the foundation..I'm glad I decided to. I have been a loyal studio fix user since like 16 so I feel like I'm betraying it if I chose something else! But hey I'm glad I did..


The next purchase was the blush 'Peachtwist' a deep bronzey colour with peach undertones and gold shimmer. This is a sheertone blush and I never go for sheertones. I was attracted to the colour because of my tan, it has made me want to wear deeper more bronzed colours just to keep up the whole bronzed/golden look. I love being tanned becase it means I can just slap on more bronzer n blusher haha! On a real note this colour is soo gorgeous I'm unsure why I haven't seen it before. It's just really warm peach with a little bit of sparkle and I'm really liking that at the moment! I have worn this almost would make a great highlighter too.


The next two purchases just happened. Oops.


As the mua opened the drawer where all the LE collections were I found myself staring over having a real peek. And right there it happened.. I saw two of the creme blushes from lillyland! Anyone that was following me back then may remember my dissapontment when they made the collection online only! I am a bad online shopper..I like to be able to swatch colours and play with textures. However after seeing the blogposts on these babies I didn't care..'joie-de-vivre' and 'so sweet, so easy' had to be mine! wa obviously meant to I'm thankful that collections are released at different times all around the world..yay! So joie d vivre is like a deep pinky coral, it reminds me of illamasqua Dixie although slightly heavier cosistency. So sweet So easy is a gorgeous pink, although on my current tanned complexion it is way too light and seems very blue toned. I will try this on my face in the week to see, bear in mind my hands are a lot darker! I can't wait to have a real play around with these cremeblushes. I do think when the weather is warm like it currently is I prefer cremeblushes in the evening, or save them for the cooler days.


So those were my last minute MAC purchases. What have you been buying recently? IF So sweet, So easy fails to work with me I may sell it.. as I'm thinking about holding a small make up blog sale!



  1. That foundation is what i use on my friends and when i use a mac one thats the only one that doesnt break me out but makes me look flawless!!!!

  2. Lovely post! I love that foundation too.

    If you do wanna sell so sweet so easy, i have been trying to find it everywhere!

    Loving your blog!

    Lu xo

  3. I have a love hate relationship with studio sculpt, the majority of the time is hate but i know people who use it and love it. I think i may just have fallen in love with Peachtwist, it looks absolutly amazing! xx

  4. i actually love the studio sculpt and consistenly switch between that and my studio fix fluid, tho i absolutely hated the studio sculpt concealor i jus had to return it

  5. Ahh I adore MAC's Sheertone blushes! Will have to check this out some time! :)

  6. hi zara , did they have blush ombres like MAC Ripe Peach Blush ?


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