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MAC in the Groove collection..

Friday was a gorgeous day it was warm in London without being too hot. I went to go meet the gorgeous Tali for a catch up session we had such a great time, we chilled in the sun in soho park, then had cocktails, then ate and had shisha.. It was the perfect ending to a hectic week. In between all of our girly fun we popped to MAC. I was eager to check out the new collection and ughh what a let down. In the groove or whatever it's called was just not appealing at all to me. I bypassed most the collection and only ended up getting 'jazzed' lipstick because I had 6 containers to back to MAC. It is however, a gorgeous coral that reminds me of Illamasqua 'Brink' and MAC's 'Ever Hip' from the liberty of London collection. 'Jazzed' is a cremesheen lipstick and I love the consistency of cremesheen's the colour tends to be stronger and the lipstick glides on much easier, I am hoping it's a more intense version of 'Ever Hip'.



I then decided to purchase the 130 brush.. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on this brush so it had to be mine to give a whirl. I will primarily be using the brush for foundation, I really hope it isn't a let down! I love using flat topped brushes for foundation, this brush is a lot denser than the 187, I also think it's perfect for concealer as it's quite good for getting in under the eye. I will keep you posted on my experiences with this brush. A lot of people have told me that they didn't end up using it as much as they'd thought..



The other thing I had to pick up which is hardly worth a mention was a blush palette. I have one other blush palette and my other blushes are single. Although I like the singles so I can carry them around I'm just running out of space in my drawers, so in an attempt to declutter I will be reverting back to the palettes.

What do you dolls think of the new collection? Everyone was on about stereo rose and luckily it looked bad against my tan so that helped me out! Not majorly wow'd by it..does it live up to the hype? I am likely to do a face of the day post soon using some of my new favourite products!



  1. I got the 130 brush a while back and i really like it and use it more than i originally thought i would. I tend to use it more for cheek products rather than foundation as i find it takes to long to blend it properly xx

  2. I love that brush for cream blush! It's perfect for that.
    I ordered some of the MSFs and some blushes from this collection. Let's see when they come.

    Do they ask you for the e/s metallic pans when you want to take e/s packaging back?


  3. Your nail polish is gorgeous hun, can I ask what it is?

  4. That brush looks like a must have for me! Thanks for posting pictures!! Also ..your nail polish is amazing! What is it called?

  5. Jazzed is gorgeous swatched - I didn't even bother to try it on Saturday as it look unappealing in the tube...hmm, must go back!
    Kat x Click&Make-Up


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