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For the last month now I have been using this L'oreal sculpt up product and as my tube comes to an end I thought i would fill you in with my experience. I don't REALLY believe in anti cellulite/toning creams or gels - I just don't. So when a lady in boots started talking to me about how much she liked this product I was curious to see why. I understand this is the crucial point of the year when people want to lose weight/tone/sculpt their bodies and I too fall in to this category. Curiosity killed the cat!

This cream is meant to be applied by massaging it in to areas of concern twice a day. It is meant to increase circulation and by doing so, firm the wobbly bits. For me the part of my body which I dislike the most has to be my thighs. They are huge and even though I attempt to tone them by regularly running on the tredmil nothing seems to sort out my beehive legs. I thought I'd give this a go and so I religiously I applied this twice a day consistently..Apparently results become evident from two to three weeks..

Results after two weeks?

I was told by the lady that i would notice results after two weeks and If im entirely honest I failed to see any major changes after the two weeks. However once the cream is applied you immediatley feel a sense of tightening. I'm not sure what it is but it's very refreshing, cooling and almost leaves your legs feeling velvety as if you are wearing a pair of tights/stockings. On the box it explains that 'Protensyl' is the a unique formula that combines firming polymers and algae to create an immediate cosmetic wrap. I do feel that after the month of using this product that the appearance of my cellulite is less. However in order to maintain this I believe this is a product you must continue using and can't just stop once you notice results.

The smell of this cream is weird. At times I liked it and at times I really didn't. To me it smelt like a mix between rubber and baby powder [weird I know]. If your one that is sensitive to smells I'd maybe give this a miss because at times it bothered me.

A good point about this product is that it's quite reasonably priced. Anti cellulite creams can often be expensive, but at £10.99 I'd definetley re purchase. I do really like this but as most of you know exercise is the main key to reducing cellulite, toning up and firming. For the best results these creams work at their best when they are combined with exercise.

Have any of you ladies tried this product? What do you think? I am at the point in my life where I am really embracing my body..flaws and all..


Let me know if you try this one.. I will keep you posted as I move on to tube number 2!


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  1. Thanks for sharing! i actually haven't heard of this. i know the Nivea one is really good for the skin. Love the picture of u ur gorgeous!


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