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Hey ladies.. sorry it's been a while, it has been a hectic week. Today I decided to paint my nails.. I had no idea what colour to paint them so I literally paint every finger a different colour to see which I'd prefer. I decided on lilac, I used my Marks and Spencers Nail colour in lilac. I have posted about this colour before and I think that for just £2.50 it is such great value for money. I really love the pastel lilac that they are.. The colour does need about 2/3 coats, but its lovely! Hope everyone is having a good weekend I will catch up with some more posts later on tonight, so look out for them!


What colour are you ladies wearing this weekend?



  1. I'm loving lilac polish too. Very pretty pics with the purple flowers in the background :-)

  2. This colour is beautiful, especially on your skin tone, it looks lovely! xx

  3. So pretty, I love how your nails match the flowers lol xx

  4. love this color, i have a similar one now on my nails :) btw. your ring is awsomee :))

  5. Gorgeous colour! Love your ring too!

  6. Lilac dream by models own is a must... you really need to get it.. and it lasts longer as well than your m&s!
    Cant believe they do nail polish! maccie x


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