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Today was the first day I actually got changed out of pyjamas and dolled myself up [Since being unwell]. I sat at my dressing table unsure what to do, or what to wear. I ended up going with a dark eye, bronzed skin and a little bit of Jazzed on the lips.


I am so glad I still have my tan, I thought after being unwell it had just blended in to my colourless self. I am still using NC45 and it still seems to be the correct shade. You will have to excuse the heavy panda eyes.. although I'm feeling a lot better, physically the effects of being unwell are still visible! Can you girls believe I lost 7llbs in a week from being unwell. [DAMN I better keep it off!]



MAC NC45 Studio sculpt foundation

MAC Refined Golden bronzer as a contour

MAC Peachtwist as blush [My current favourite]


MAC Mystery e/s all over the lid

MAC Femme Fi in the crease

MAC Point Black Liquidlast eyeliner

Boujours Clubbing Mascara


MAC Jazzed lipstick


I quite like Jazzed, although it's very similar to Ravishing. I went to Bluewater today with a friend of mine, didn't realise how tired I still am. Bought a few bits from Boots that I can't wait to share!

Thank you again for all your well wishes.. Much appreciated lovelies. So there you have it.. my face.. back to scare you all




  1. you look stunning!


  2. You are soo stunningly gorgeous! Hmm and I think I like jazzed on your skintone much better than on me! xx

  3. You are too gorgeous!!!!! I LOVE the look of that lipstick I can't wait until it is released in Oz!

  4. I think you look absolutely STUNNING !!! you are such a beautiful woman...=)

  5. You have amazing brown eyes! Great color palette! This is a gorgeous look. I have to get that lipcolor-it looks really pretty against your tan complexion and dark hair. Can I ask what styling product(s) you use on your hair? Its so shiny!

  6. i think u look absolutely gorgeous! love the lipstick on you, super pretty <3

  7. Well being ill suits you!!. You look hawt!!!! xx

  8. You look pretty as takes some time for the body to heal properly...just give it a bit of time and take it easy. XXX

  9. You look amazing and I love that lip colour! Hope you return to full health soon xxx

  10. Thank you ladies..

    @ LeeAnn.. I don't really use any hair products well I'm not at the moment... I just wash it, let it dry naturally and then flick bits out with my straighteners. I then just spritzed some hairspray.. hope it helps! x


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