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// Eyeko's Saucy Polish



When it comes to red nail polish, I think it's all about finding the right one to suit your skin tone. When Eyeko sent me their 'Saucy' nail polish I was curious to see if I liked it on me. I rarely do RED nails but I am LOVING this colour! Its such a perfect, sexy red, I like it on my short nails. I have a feeling I will be wearing Red lips tomorrow to compliment my red nails! HAHA.. This is the colour with two coats, I am suprised how glossy it is.


What do you ladies make of red nails? What is your favourite red nail polish?



  1. Wow! really suits you! Eyeko is definitely doing their job right! After seeing this one and rain on several blogs I am sooo buying them for myself

  2. i love red on you. I really wish it was available in the us


  3. the color is great but it's not shiny enought in my opinion xx

  4. The color is gorgeous on you hun! I love it too :)

  5. I love the colour! I love No.7 nail varnish, there always reliable! x

  6. @ Sugar.. well its shiny enough for me, that I didnt feel as if I need a topcoat.. im happy with it :)

    @ Alice.. I forgot about no.7 nail polishes I haven't used them in ages..


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