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DUBAI Holiday make up bag..


So as requested a holiday make up bag post. I have to admit.. I am AWFUL at packing.. I ALWAYS overpack.. I think I take more makeup than clothes.. SO instead of showing you EVERYTHING I took which is WAYYYY too much.. I am going to do a post on the bits I used/Or would recommend for holidays. If you saw how much I really took you would feel my shame.. lol.. For indepth reviews on these products I have put in some of the links.. Hope it helps..




Multiple South Beach

This looks gorgeous with a tan and really gives such a great glow. I have done an indepth review on the NARS multiples previously. The main reasons i like taking this away is because they feel light on the skin and are very quick and easy to use!

Multiple Orgasm

Orgasm is slightly pinky in shade with gold shimmer, This looks lovely when using more pink/rose tones blushers.

For a full review on the NARS Multiples click

Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Girls


This was a recent purchase for me and as it was so new it only felt right to take it with me. I like the fact that it can be used pretty much over any colour and it completley changes the looks giving more of a glossy finish. I really don't own very many lipglosses so this is a good one!

For more on the NARS lip lacquer click

NARS 15 Anniversary palette


I like this palette mainly because of the black, it is SOOOO intense and you don't need to put in much efffort to achieve maximum drama. I used this as the finishing touches to my eyeliner and smokey eyes.. OOPS sorry for not saying so!

Blush in Lovejoy


This is a golden brown blush and I love it because against my complexion it can be very subtle, however the colour builds very well. Its great for that bronzey look.

Blush in Torrid


A lovely coral blush, with gold shimmer again works well with tanned skin. [Apologies for bad pic, its an old one!]



Lipstick in Brink

Slowly becoming my favourite coral lipstick EVER.. It's amazing! I really love this colour, I have worn it a lot recently and it really compliments a tan and my current favourite blush by MAC which is Melba!

Lipstick in Corrupt

I love this pink, it is Bright without being fluorscent or without being too deep.. Its such a great balance. It reminds me of a lipstick released with the MAC's Dame Edna collection 'Gladiola' I love that pink so much and have stopped using it because theres little left :(.. this Lipstick however is becoming a high contender in replacing it.

For more on these Illamasqua lipsticks click HERE and

Lipstick Queen

Sinner Pink lipstick


Again a relatively new purchase. I enjoyed wearing this at the begining of my holiday but towards the end I just found it too light! Its a really moisturising lipstick and a lovely colour.. click

for my previous post on LQ.

By Terry

Baume de Rose


The one product I used morning and night, I love this luxurious lip balm it feels amazing on the lips. With an SPF 15 its great for taking away. Full review click


No1 Lipbalm in Vanilla


Gorgeous on the lips, feels like butter and really helps protects dry lips. Click for previous post on Kiehls lip balm.


Rouge Volupte number 19?


I am really unsure what number this shade is.. Its wiped off and I keep trying to make it out.. I wore this when I wore the floral dress on holiday. I think its 19 but don't quote me.. A lot of us are already in love with these lipsticks.. AMAZING texture and watermelon smell.. mmm.. Although they don't stay on particularly well! They look fab while they last..

Shu Uemura

Painting liner


I used this the first few days but then switched to my liquidlast. Whilst this is vey long lasting in the heat and humidty it fades away from the inner corners of my eyes - Very Frustrating! Click for my full review on this product, it is AMAZING!

Luxe black lashes


My favourite Shu lashes, although on me you can hardly tell I am wearing them. They just give a more voloumous look to my natural lashes. I find Shu lashes sooo much easier to apply than MAC they also last a lot longer!



On an average day I have around 4 lipsticks in my bag if not more.. I love mixing them and sometimes I do it so much I forget what I have on. Instead of going indepth about what I took I will just list it from L-R


Ever Hip [le], Pink Noveau, Chatterbox, Impassioned, Pink Plaid, Ravishing, Blankety, Faux.



Gold deposit MSF - Deep Bronze, lovely golden shimmer amazing on darker skin tones.

Ripe Peach - I used this as a matte Blush/Highligher, It's so gorgeous. I don't want it to finish.. EVER!

Light over dark mineralized blush


A fab mix of light/dark colours suitable to a lot of skin tones. For more click


My holiday blush palette


1. Fleur Power

2. Springsheen

3. Hipness

4. Dollymix

5. Full Fuscia

6. Peaches



My holiday eyeshadows palette


1. Parfait Amour

2. Tempting

3. Knight

4. Black Tied

5. Carbon

6. Sketch

7. Amber lights

8. Ricepaper

9. Mulch

10. Graphology

11. Shroom

12. Cork

13. Retrospeck

14. Beauty Marked

15. Contrast


MAC Liquidlast

MAC Smoulder Kohl


Moisture surge spray


Refreshed me througout the hot sunny days.. I'm using this in London now that summer is finally here! Click for more on this product.

Well guys there you have it.. it's taken me ages to put this together.. partly because I've been lazy and partly because I lost my camera lead for a few days! What's in your summer make-up bags? I also want to apologise for the long links in this post.. Blogger was being a bitch and not understanding HTML.. grr.. I was too frustrated to bother finding out the problem..sorry dolls.



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  2. You missed one of the names of the MAC lipsticks hun!

    I know exactly what you mean about taking more make-up than clothes, I always do it too because if I don't take something it'll be the one thing I want! haha xx

  3. HAHAHAHAHA i knew you cut it down.. when i saw the nars palette i was thinking BULLSH*t thats all she took for eyeshadow! xxxxxx

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post - I love seeing what people take on holiday with them - as it usually their favourite items.

    Those NARS multiple sticks are so gorgeous - do they last by themselves or do you have to set them with something?

  5. LOL @ TALI.. HAHA.. I told u I was gona cut it down :P.. IF only u knew how much I left out haha!

    @ Ella.. Thanks hunnie..The multiples are pretty good at lasting themselves I tend to use them as finishing touches.. so very rarely do I set them!

  6. Your NARS collection is great! I have never cared much about this brand but your post really made me wonder... looks like the colors work very well together. I think I'm gonna check 'em out :)
    Hope you had a great time in Dubai - my mum's been there several times and just loved it!

  7. WOW! haha would loved to hear about what you really took with ya, dont worry theres no shame init, i always always overpack - the one time i didnt n went minimal and it was a disaster

    ps wat cam do ya have??

  8. Such a lovely selection of make up there. I'm with Sam too, I don't have much NARS but I'm getting tempted. I keep looking at the the sheer pink multiple they have out.....anyway.

    I must ask, can you remember what nail varnish you had on in the Lipstick Queen photo? It is divine.
    Jane x

  9. It is totally awful because you have so much make up. You have used very much make up during your holidays and it is nice that you can but I do not have so much make up kit. I memorize my holidays of Dubai as I love to visit Dubai again and again but I do not have used much make up.
    Dubai holidays

  10. I love to travel and find out different place. There are many visits that is unforgettable in my life. holidays in Dubai is one of them it's really cool to spend days in holiday. I personally enjoyed it a lot....


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