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Rimmel's Rose Libertine 405



You guys know me and my nails..changing every few days. I bought this one this week as a friend recommended it to me. It is such a purdy pink, it has that perfect balance between brightness and pinkiness. I know I don't make much sense but I'm sure some of you know what I mean. I love these Rimmel nail polishes as they are so quick drying and have a lovely brush which makes applying it so much easier. I don't agree that they are 60 seconds worth of quick drying - But pretty quick. They last so well without chipping too, I love wearing colours like this when my skin is slightly tanned. I have found that my skin is really bad around my nails, the manicure I had whilst in Egypt slightly F'd it up, I have been using my body shop almond oil to help soften it. It seems to be working but is taking ages.. GRR.


What colours has everyone been wearing this week?

lots of love



  1. pretty colour! and affordable :)

  2. ive been wearing a colour fairly similar to this, revlons posh pink. love these shades:) xx

  3. Ahh wore this a while ago, perfect summer colour! :)

  4. this loosk lovely on your skin tone. I have an Essie colour very similar to this


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