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I'm a procrastinator..


I should be packing, well I should have been packing all day. I have unsuccessfully done so after spending the day wandering around Lakeside, spending money on unnecessary things, catching up with 3 friends.. ONE after the Other.. it was all going down today! Its nearly 4 am and I'm still not packed I leave tomorow to Dubai. I'm still not excited as I have the dreaded packing looming over me.. I love to travel..I HATE to pack. I overpack.. I always take too much even though I feel it's not enough. ARGH.

Anyways this post just proves I'm a procastinator because instead of ACTUALLY sorting things out I'm writing myself a to do list and posting this blog. My fiance came home with a present for me today which took me by suprise.. I just wanted to share it with you dolls. If you read this blog you will all know how much I love jewelry and I LOVE Liberty's it is the most amazing store to walk around in..



How pretty..


This is such an unusual piece and I can not wait to wear this on holiday, I think my fella has very good taste! :)

So this was probably a bit of a pointless post but at least it killed 10 minutes.. I'm off to bed now.. so that I can wake up soon enough, pack and leave for Dubai! I hope you all have a fab weekend and week ahead and I will speak to you ladies when I'm back.. much love



  1. wow that is absolutely gorgeous and quite exotic!

  2. That necklace is absolutely stunning! Sucha statement piece. I can't wait to see what you wear it with. I am a total procrastinator when it comes to packing too and I ALWAYS over pack :(

  3. thats such an amazing necklace...he def has great taste. have a great time in dubai xx

  4. wow that is so beautiful and unique! what a lovely fiance you have!

  5. STUNNING piece! Lucky girly! :)

    Who is the designer hun? xxx

  6. Oh My Goodness ! This is incredibly AMAZING it's Gorgeous I am really picky when it comes to jewelery but This is such a piece of art Love Love it =)

  7. Wowww...It's so pretty and very unique.I love it!!!!!!! I'll check it out next time I'm near Liberty. :-) Enjoy your holidays.

  8. Gorgeous necklace, you Mr has very good taste! Hope you have a fab holiday!

  9. woww that is really gorgjuss -he has really good taste

  10. Thanks guys.. I know he's a keeper! lol.. @ Claire..It's Liberty's own line :) i thought it was a designer too.. but nope.. :)

  11. Unique statement piece, he definitely has great taste! :)



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