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I was very good in duty free!


When I traveled to was still in the month of may, as many of you may know I didn't allow myself to purchase any make up in the last month! YAY I succeeded! I have to say it was very hard, especially in duty free..but I'm going away again in two weeks so there's always next time! I did make two small purchases though.

Burberry Beat


I bought this perfume when it first came out, I really liked it then. To me it was fresh, clean and sweet, mostly what I look for in a spring/summer fragrance. When I smelt this again it brought back so many great memories from the summer that my fiance moved to London. For that reason it had to be purchased!! I really love re discovering old scents.

MAC 131 brush


It's NOT make up it's a BRUSH! I finally managed to get hold of the 131 brush and I wasn't about to allow a no makeup ban to stop me. Seriously I could not believe how many 131 brushes they had at the airport. I'm not going to go into a full review on this brush as I am sure many of you have heard all about it before. I initially wanted the 130 brush but when the lady gave me this one I wasn't about to give it back. [Especially as the 130 is part of the permanent collection!] This brush feels AMAZING on the skin, I am going to be using this as a blush/bronzer brush. It so lightly deposits the product that it's perfect for blush.


See I told you I was good! What are have you dolls been purchasing lately?



  1. You were very good in Duty Free! I know what I'm like I'd end up with a bag full of goodies I just don't need. When I came back from Rome I ended up with a YSL lippie oppsie :). You holiday looked fab hun, very jealous....I need some sun :( Good to have you back! xx

  2. Did you get this at Heathrow? the only time I found amazing stuff in a the duty free was in the UK. France and California are just terrible =( I need to book my next flight with British Airline so I can spend some money before a long as flight =).

  3. awww hun yes this was from heathrow! There duty free is pretty good in all of the terminals.. in the terminal which we flew from it was amazing!! theres even a mac and chanel proper sized counters! I think you should just stop in London for a few days hehe ;) xxx


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