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Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser



Hey ladies hope all is well..just wanted to do a post on the new Eve Lom morning time cleanser. I have been using the original Eve Lom cleanser for about 6 months now, if you haven't read my review you can check it out Here. I absolutley adore this product although it's pricey I honestly think it's worth every penny. My skin has never felt cleaner, the EL cleanser makes taking off makeup, cleansing and toning an easy, hassle free process. I was just finishing up my 100ml cleanser and was about to repurchase when tada! The new morning cleanser was released. There are a few differences from this cleanser to the original. The morning time cleanser feels a lot lighter and the consistency is much smoother. The main differences in the formulation is the papaya which is a natural exfoliant and carrot oils which is a strong source of vitamin A and boost the skins natural collagen. The idea of this new product is that it's more like a face wash. I know there are some people out there who prefer washing their face then having to use a muselin cloth. I'm not fussed either way as long as I go to bed with a clean face - im happy. I love wearing makeup but hate taking it off therefor it needs to be quick and easy. For me this is.

Things I like

- It does everything the original cleanser does

- It's more economically beneficial at £35 for 125 ml

- The product comes in an easy to use tube, as opposed to a tub.

- It is not necessary to use a muselin cloth (although i still like to)

Things I dislike

- Although it's grown on me I still am not a huge fan of the smell, I tend to forget about it because it does so much good to my skin that the smell is actually a minor issue.

- The fact that it's marketed as the 'Morning time cleanser', but the French translation of it is 'Make up remover balm' (why would you want to remove makeup in the morning?) little bit naughty me thinks.

- I do feel after using this for last couple of weeks that it's less exfoliating than the original, because the original cleanser feels a lot grainier I feel as if it does more of a deeper cleanse.

- Although it's slightly cheaper than the original Eve Lom 100ml cleanser {which retail at £48} it is still an expensive one.

I definitely recommend the Eve Lom cleanser, if you haven't tried it pop along to a Space Nk or Selfridges to get a sample, it really is lovely. Just so you guys know this is an honest review and I bought this cleanser with my own money. What are you ladies using to cleanse/tone?



  1. Have to agree kind of naughty to release this one as an AM cleanser when really and truely there isnt much of a difference besides the fact that you get more product for less :P

  2. ps zara check my profile...i think you well be pleasantly surprised...Trust me :P *wink wink*

  3. Haha... dont ask why but I had a feeling it was you missy! how are you? hope you are well.. havent seen u in ages hun xx

  4. I bought the spot zapper thing and HATE it so I havent looked at Eve Lom since. I like my neutrogena face wash and for polishing skin Newals Yard do a similar muslin cloth cleanser thingy ma bob.

  5. Hello,

    I tried this with the new Clarisonic Mia - it is totally amazing for dry / sensitive skin which I have. I would imagine it's a little greasy for younger / oilier skins though (I am 30 and it's great for mine).

    On another note, I also have the TLC cream which is really too heavy, any thoughts on the standard moisturiser?

    Carrie :)


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