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Duty Free shopping on route to DUBAI!



I am starting off my blog updates/catch ups.. before my holiday has even started! I am currently flying to Dubai [which is totally irrelevant to when you guys will probably be reading this.] I have just watched the movie precious and am now sitting here on my iPhone writing. Duty free was rather successful this time around and I wasn't as well behaved as I had anticipated. Oops oh well :)


The purchase I am most excited about *drum rolls* is the Chanel nail polish in particuliere..this colour has been pretty much sold out everywhere from the day it was released. Whilst the sales assistant in duty free told me they were out of stock as she opened the drawer to double check..there it was. I quite literally jumped for joy! I am sure this colour isn't as amazing as maybe i'd hoped, but hey there's something about getting these products that become so difficult to get hold of that really excites me. This colour is more chocolate than mushroom, I can not wait to paint my nails by the pool. By the time this post is uploaded I am sure there will be photographic evidence to support this hehe! :)



The second thing I got was the beautiful Viktor and Rolf, flower bomb in la vie en rose. I am unsure if this is limited edition but it's such a beautiful sweet, sexy, summer fragrance. With delicate rose key notes it's just such a soft pretty smelling scent..I really am glad I chose this one. I tend to only like having a slected amount of perfumes at a time, so that I can really enjoy them. I am getting to the point where I have too many for my standards, so this will probably end up being my signature summer smell. The packaging is super cute, I am such a girly girl it's ridiculous, I try not to be but I am such a sucker for anything pink! So I love this gorgeous pink jewel like bottle.

I then purchased two essentials from MAC that I had run out of. One was the transluscent prep and prime setting powder, I have to say this has last me soooo long and I use it everyday! I think it's actually been a year and half, from when it was first relased. So I am super impressed. If any of you are looking for a good translucent powder this has to be my favourite, it feels like velvet and really does give the skin a beautiful flawless finish. It's also great if you are concerned about your pores it does an amazing job at disguising them giving you a smooth finish. I love using this when I'm doing make up on people as it just seals the base perfectly.

The other item I was in need of was the liquidlast eyeliner in black! I love how this is just sooo waterproof and honestly doesn't budge whatsoever. I thought it would be a good one for holiday, wether it be on the beach/in the sea..or just in the heat..this is a great one for your summer makeup bag.


The last thing I purchased from MAC was the mineralized blush in light over dark, I think this was released with one of the recent collections. I have to admit I'm not a real fan of the mineralized blushes but this one was super bronze and mega sparkly and while I'm away I don't mind it as much. Especially as my skin becomes more tanned it will act as a great highlighter. I like the variation in colour, the lighter side is more golden and the darker is more copper which is gorgeous! You can't really tell from this pic as my skin is a lot more darker since coming back from holiday.


Other items I picked up was obviously some good reading..I love Reading Elle magazine, I think it has to be my favourite glossy. I think it has a great mix of fashion and some fab articles..I love the beauty bits and the nosing around in the closets/homes of all these cool people! The other magazine I picked up was glamour, I wasn't hyped to pick up the benefit goodies..I'm sorry ladies I'm just not a benefit fan..I have some things but hardly ever use. I feel that the packaging and the products are too gimmicky and at times overwhelming. I already have the bad girl pencil but don't often use it, so I decided to get the eyebright to give it a whirl. I duno I'm still not convinced, it just doesn't work for me. I will however let you know how me and this pencil go down!

Well ladies that was my little duty free purchases..have any of you girls managed to get the Chanel nail polish? Or have you settled for something close? I like OPI tickle my francy.. How about V&R, la vie en rose? Have you girls smelt that? What are your summer staples in your makeup bags? Any recomendations?


Update: I had a stop over in Bahrain and I picked up this product from Clinique, it's the moisture surge spray. I don't really own anything from clinique I tend to bypass it. However this is a new find for me, I don't use fix plus by MAC but wanted to try it whilst on holiday. Unfortunatley for me they were soldout and I really had my heart set on some kind of liquid spray that would cool me down in the heat without messing up any makeup I had on. This is great because it gives you an additional spray of moisture and is very light on the skin. It works well under makeup or over. I used this throughout my holiday and was a great way for me to refresh myself in the hot temperatures of Dubai. The days I didn't wear makeup I just sprayed this on as I preferred the way in which it felt on my skin than my usual moisturiser. I think its a great addition to my summer makeup bag!

How is everyone? what have you been purchasing? Hope all is well.. Lots of love


I'm back :)



  1. I love the look of the clinique facial spray, I never used to use sprays but I am addicted! x

  2. oh ive been looking for someone who has tried the moisture surge !!
    think ill deffo purchase seeing as it works well over makeup - thanks!

    ive never been into the Chanel Particuliere - just didnt think it would suit me much - and still dont, but it looks a lovely shade on your nails !! think ill have to hunt it down !!

    that ring is actually the most fab thing ive ever seen and really loving your blog - hope you had a nice holiday


  3. I really recommend the clinique spray it was probably one of my most used products on holiday! Although avoid spraying it near your mouth.. it tastes funny lol!

  4. Particuliere looks gorgeous on you! You must have been so thrilled when she found it in the draw?
    Jane x

  5. Ahh that Chanel nail polish looks beautiful on you! :) x

  6. I used to work for Clinique and ever since then moisture surge spray is a fave of mine

    Lu xo

  7. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is the bestest. I swear by Flowerbomb Extreme, try it, it lasts all day.


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