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By Terry's Baume De Rose



After using this product daily at work I decided enough was enough and treated myself! A slight splurge but honestly the most amazing thing that has touched my lips. Such a beautiful product, just glides on smells amazing [of rose garden] and is so moisturising. It can be used on lips and your cuticles. I bought this about two months ago and have been meaning to review it but I keep forgetting. I apply it to my lips on its own or sometimes over lipstick as it has such a gorgeous lilac/pink glow to it. It's a real treat, I cringe at the price which *drumroll* is £32, HONESTLY.. so worth it.. I'm using the teeniest tiny amount everyday :P. Oh I forgot to mention it has an SPF of 15 which for a lip product is pretty good it is such a luxurious lip treatment.


Have any of you girls tried the baume de rose? In case anyone was wondering I am wearing OPI's 'Mod About You' which I have to say looks even better on tanned hands!



  1. I have tried a sample and I wish I could afford it!! :) x

  2. I bought this yesterday and adore it! However it was a sneak the bag home before my boyfriend saw how much I paid for a lip balm sort of affair - though I feel it was worth it :) x

  3. I know a lot of people rave this product but I also heard bad things about it and that it's not worth the money.
    Gald it worked for you and that you love it so much... that's all that matters. I'm affraid I'm gonna skip this one...not that obsseded with lip products.

  4. I have never heard of this product before but I like how you can use it on your lips and cuticles. I looooove mod about you and yes it does look amazing on tanned skin!

  5. is this available in the USA>

  6. I don't think I could spend more than £15 on a lip product! Sounds like such an amazing lip balm though! :(

  7. what nail varnish are you wearing? its gorgeous!

  8. It is a tricky one because it is so expensive, I think it is available in the US Veronika. Try the space nk website..

    Alexandra..I think I mentioned what colour it is at the end of the post..its OPI's 'mod about you' :)


  9. Just stumbled across your blog! love it!
    I haven't tried that Terry lip balm but a super cheap and awesome alternative (smells like roses too) is RoseBud Salve. its around $6 here in the US, I'm sure it would be about the same in UK.



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