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Another nail post



I dug out an old favourite Mac's 'Peppermint Patti', it was released with the sugarsweet collection last year and while I had forgotten I had this, when I stumbled across it amongst all my nail polishes I was suprised that it hadn't dried up! I've seen aqua/mint green nails all over the place and had the urge to paint mine this colour! [This was 3 days ago] Already I'm bored haha and yes a chipped nail means tomorrow there will be a colour change! I loved it while it lasted..


What was your weekend nail colour? I have been more into colours lately but think I will revert back to nude nails as of tomorrow..



  1. I love the shape of your nails! I need a trim I think Im going for the same shape as you.

    I wish I picked up that mint green

  2. I was gutted when Peppermint Patti was sold out so I ended up buying the Barry M one.
    It does suit you well.
    At the moment I'm wearing Parma Violets by Topshop. xx

  3. Looks gorgeous against your skintone!!!

    Great nail shape btw (I miss my longer nails)!



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