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SUNday and New SPARKLE!


Sunday was again a beautiful day in London and I decided to meet to of my frenchies down Brick Lane.. I love these girls we have been through so much together and been friends for ages. We are always all so busy so when we finally catch up we never want to leave there's always so much to talk about!


We grabbed some food and sat on some benches for a serious chit chat session. Brick Lane + Sun = Perfect.. the atmosphere is amazing. The clothes, the music, the food, the sun, the drink, the people, the stalls, the vintage, the handmade, the unique.. AHHHHHH

Here is me munching on my humous and falafel wrap, did I tell you I am obsessed with falafel lately... mmm I love it!!!


I wore a long black Maxi dress, my denim waistcoat and lots of gold blingage, My bag is Prada and by the looks of it.. it's FILTHY!!

After food we walked around, trying not to buy things obviously I failed. I can NOT go to Brick Lane and NOT buy something from Galibardy. It's just not right.. I love Lisa and Blue they are just so cool and their gems definitely rock.

So may I present you with my new bit of sparkle.. THE WORLD!!! It is gorgeous, blingy and BIG! There was a smaller one but hey if your gona do it, might as well do it BIG! Although my girl Nadine ended up buying the smaller one.



I love the PEACE sign that dangles above the globe, I wore it straight away! I even wore it today and got so many comments on it.. Galibardy jewelry is so unusual and unique I love everything I have from them, my Galibardy collection is definitely growing. Check out their website HERE .


My nails in this pic is this gorgeous colour I bought from 17 in Boots its called 'Orange Soda' its meant to last 5 days without chipping.. and uhmm it chipped on day one! oops.. oh well I like the colour..[For now]

As all the stalls were closing and we were all shopped, fooded, and drunken out [Not drunk literally but y'all know what i mean!] we decided to go sit in Victoria Park. This park is honestly such a beautiful park by far the best in East London. I used to come here as a child and pick conkers with my bro and then we used to have a hot chocolate in the pavilion. We sat around and chatted for hours.. look how pretty it is. Can I just add these pics were taken around 7.30/8pm!




How did you dolls enjoy the sunshine??



  1. Love your bling and looks like you had a fantastic day :D

  2. That necklace is gorgeous, I've tagged you for a blog award! x

  3. Hey love your pictures, the park looks gorgeous. And I love your waistcoat and your new necklace too! Sounds like you had a lovely day.


  4. i love ur outfit -very kutee


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