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Sanctuary Spa - Body Moisture Spray



I don't really buy into products from places like the Sanctuary I just feel that they have very little appeal to me. They lead you to believe that it's possible to have a spa experience at home and well I don't think you can. A few weeks back I noticed this product on my mums dressing table. Usually she tells me of her new beauty/health purchases but seems like she'd forgotten. Anyways I carried on and thought I'd try it out and I have to say I'm impressed! Although it doesn't make me feel like I'm in a spa it does feel amazing. It's basically a spray moisturiser, it's extremely lightweight which I love about it as it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. At this time of the year when it gets pretty warm I hate having to have layers and layer of body creams/body butters on me, this product gives me the benefits of that with an easy to use spray.

This product is perfect you just spray it all over the body and it sinks in really well - At first I was like GREAT it's going leave my skin all greasy, I proceeded to rub it in and wow it really absorbs well. It contains jojoba, sweet almond and vitamin E. These are great ingredients that protect, nourish and condition the skin leaving it feeling hydrated. Vitamin E is a fantastic anti-oxidant so this will protect your body from pollution, the city etc. I love that it gives you a gorgeous glow, I think this product would be fab for taking on holiday with you dolls. After sitting in the sun it will help cool you down and boost radiance.

Sprayed on


Rubbed in


A few things

- This can't be used on your face

- If you dislike perfumed smelling products, this one isn't for you. I find the smell slightly off putting. Its that typical Sanctuary smell.

- If like me you forget to moisturise your body this is a quick fix great for applying as your about to run out of the house!

- A little bit goes a long way!

- It's only £5.49!

What do you ladies think of the Sanctuary products? Have you tried this product? Would you try this product? Are there any other brands that do body moisture sprays that you like? Please share dolls

Lots of Love



  1. I love the idea of a moisture spray! I kind of hate applying body creams after showering because they make me feel so tacky and gross in the summer too. My mum uses a few Sanctuary products and i never really like the smell of them either. I wonder if there is more brands with a similar sort of product avaliable?

  2. Really interested in this because I'm so lazy when it comes to applying body lotions!


  3. Really like the sound of a light spray on moisturiser. I remember trying a Nivea one a few years ago but it left my skin very oily!

  4. I really rate spray body oils - a beautician once said that your skin needs food and drink. Think of moisturiser as food and oil as drink. So if you are moisturising but your skin is still dry if might need a drink.

    Amy x

    ps Do you realise you have word verification on your comments?


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