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NARS : The Multiple



I love the Nars multiples. They are so easy to use and there's a colour for everyone. I love that like most NARS products these have such beautiful shimmer and the best thing is that they are so lightweight on the skin. I love that they don't feel sticky or cakey. As a lot of us are updating our sumer makeup wardrobes I think these are perfect. They can be used on the face and body and are ideal for carrying around. These look even better with a tan, just help to create that glowy, healthy, dewy skin which we all know is super sexy!


I have 6 of the multiples and have grouped them together so you can get an idea of different colours.



Luxor and Copacabana


Now in all honesty these colours can often look ashy on darker skin tones, for that reason I pay more attention when applying these. I focus a small amount on the top of cheek bone and just a little through the brow bone. For anyone with a lighter complexion these would look gorgeous on you. Luxor is slightly more pinky whereas Copacabana has a more frosty/silver shimmer.


Orgasm and Portofino


I LOVEE these.. Mainly because I love pink blushers so wearing these multiples really compliments the blush. Orgasm is a lot softer, shot through with gold shimmer and Portofino is more of a rosy red. I have to say Orgasm is one of my favourites.. there is a reason why its so super popular within NARS products the colour is amazing!


Maldives and South Beach


Perfect for anyone, gorgeous over bronzer really creates dimension. Obviously for picture purposes I have applied these quite strongly, however once these are blended through they are just gorgeous! Maldives is a little more subtle and has more of a brown town to it whereas South Beach is super bronze with more of an orange tone.

I love the multiples and they honestly last forever! Have any of you tried them? Which are your favourites?

OK guys I know I've spelt COPACABANA wrong.. I am honestly way too lazy to re edit the pics! haha SORRY DOLLS.. Lots of Love



  1. I have never had a Nars multiple - they seem perfect for keeping in your bag and for holidays :)

  2. I have a Body Shop product which is pretty similar to this but it's hard to use.

    I was thinking of getting a multiple but never thought what I could use it for but Copacabana looks like a nice highlighter.

  3. Never tried these before but Orgasm looks so gorgeous and since I love the blush I am sure I will adore the "multiple"

  4. I have Orgasm, Copacabana and Tumoto and loveee them!
    I am tempted by Luxor!

  5. I only have the mini multiples (orgasm, copacabana and south beach). Will definitely try the other shades too :)

  6. I have never tried these. I tend to stay away from cream products(eyeshadow & blushers)But I have seen a few others post about these mutiplues and I maye break out of my comfort zone and start with one of these! baby steps lol

  7. I have never tried these!! Must now! Fab collection you have missy. Love the look or 'South Beach' and of course 'Orgasm' xxx
    p.s-Love the MAC Hello Kitty in the pic! :)

  8. loving Orgasm and Portofino!!!


  9. I have riviera, luxor and i think south beach and i love them. they are my babies NOONE can put their grubby fingers on them without my supervision! heheh
    Riviera is my fave as its one i wear on my lips a lot!! xxx

  10. Im sooo glad you did his post thankyoooou huni great swatches Im now thinking I need Luxor & Copacabana both look great & perfect for summer *hugs* ps sooo jealous of your collection haha

  11. I have Copacabana and love it! xx

  12. I LOVE NARS multiples!! I just bought Palm Beach I have 3. Love love love!

  13. Luxor is my favourite! Love it x

  14. fab blog! i love the look of maldives

    Lu xo


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