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MAY = No Make up Month!

Hello my beauties.. It has been a while since I've done a little update. Things have been pretty hectic on my ends.. I've had a few tough weeks but am slowly catching up with myself.

This month I have decided that


I am putting myself on a challenge.. I feel a little worried about it haha.. but I am not allowing myself to purchase any make up this month. This is mainly because I have so much of it.. I keep buying and end up neglecting what I have. This month you can expect posts on some of my favourite products and if there any reader requests I am more than happy to consider doing them.

I've already rummaged through my make up draws and found products that are definetley worth a mention. If I get enough job applications done today I will be posting a few later on. Hope you guys have enjoyed this bank holiday weekend.

Lots of Love



  1. I think I need to do this too! Not going to happen though, I have no will power haha. Good luck with it hun xx

  2. Good luck with it, looking forward to your posts! x

  3. I did this for the month of April :D
    good luck!

    to be honest, I didn't find it very hard aha,
    I just put buying make up completely out of my mind for a month!

    Im deffo going to do it again,
    its a great idea!


  4. I think you should have waited until June hun, lol... what about MACs to the beach collection.. its going to be tough to resist! x

  5. thanks guys for ur luck.. I know i want so much from the beach collection my fiance will prob buy it for me lol! that isnt going against the rules haha!! i'm not allowing MYSELF to buy makeup ;)))

  6. This will be sooo hard :D I think I would not be succesful with this cahllenge... But I wish you good luck! Visit my blog, if you like: Greetings from germany! xoxo

  7. GOOD LUCK with it hun!!!! I have adopted the same rule this month!!!!!!! :) xxxxx

  8. Hahaha I did the same thing last month!
    You can do it!!!

  9. If your fiance buys you makeup then that is fine lol :)


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