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Little Update and Rococo Stone Cold Karma


Sorry lovelies.. I know how lame I have been at posting lately.. honestly every minute seems to be taken.. I have hardly anytime to myself :(.. I hope you are all well.. I have loads to share but seem to be losing track of all new purchases and current faves.. I have been writing blogposts on the train to work you can expect that this week you may be bombarded by me. My no make up ban is still going well.. HI5 to me.. to all those who thought I'd cave and purchase something from the current MAC collections.. I HAVEN'T! :D *pat on the back* my fiance who usually would buy me new products from new collections.. is still supporting me in my decision to have a make up free month haha! GRR.. I have to say though it has really made me hunt through my make up collection and dig out some old favourite products, you can expect to see a post on this later on this week. I feel this may be the beginning of less impulse buying and more chosing wisely!

Nails of the moment


As I do I thought I'd share my current nail polish.. I have been wearing this colour for the last few days. A lot of people are comparing it to the Chanel which I still don't own. I actually painted my nails this colour on my lunch break. It is by Rococo and is called 'Stone Cold Karma' It is such a great colour that looks different on everyone! Its been out of stock for weeks so I haven't been able to purchase it grrr! tried to get hold of Nails inc London nail polish.. but both of the Boots I went to were out of diet coke!


I actually think this nail polish is really similar to Nails inc Jermyn street, the Chanel nail polish is a lot deeper/darker brown than this one.

How have you all been!? Have you guys managed to get on of the Nails inc and diet coke nail polishes? What are you currently loving in your make up bag??

Miss you guys!!



  1. That is a fab colour, pretty perfect browny/nude shade!

  2. That looks almost exactly like the Nails Inc. London one! It looks slightly more purple on me though, but it looks exactly like the one you've got on on my friend x


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