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This is the reason I put myself on a makeup ban and now I'm kicking myself as I sit here drooling over the new MAC collections.. SAD TIMES. Anyways back to my story I found this little baby dashed somewhere along my very overcrowded dressing table. FAUX. I bought this lipstick about 3 weeks ago..maybe even 4 and it had not even been taken out of the box! ARGH. I was annoyed at myself..that I hadn't even given this baby any much deserved love so I decided the no make up ban would begin. I've even lost hope in believing my fiance will bring me back some of the new mac collections (which he usually does) but thanks to my luck just this once he has decided to " SUPPORT " me on this no make up month challenge. Annoying much?


Back to FAUX.. I don't know how this could this lipstick could have been absent from my life for all this time. To say its gorgeous is an understatement. To me it's the colour I get when I mix up a few of my favourites, only that no mixing is required. The finish = Satin, smooth, great pay off and enough of a gloss. It really reminds me of Pink Plaid mixed with the beautiful Half N Half [two of my forever favourites] I actually swatched these two in the store with 'FAUX' in the middle and it seems to me that this might very well be their love child.. not FAUX but indeed VRAI.


Don't ask why I'm talking in this weird way this evening ladies, the lack of make up purchases is getting to my head. Actually not the lack of purchases but the truth in knowing im not " ALLOWED " to purchase makeup is indeed driving me nutty!? How long do you give me? I am tempted to just give it up as a bad job..

I wore this out for the first time on Wednesday and have worn it everyday since.. you know how I do..



MAC Studio fix foundation NC44

NARS Stick concealer in Ginger

MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder

MAC blush in Melba



MAC Femme-Fi e/s all over the eye

MAC Beauty Marked e/s in the outer corners

SHU Uemura gel liner

Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara

MAC Smoulder eye liner in the water line


MAC FAUX lipstick




On a different note I have been loving my assortment of bangles lately, I don't know what it is about this time of the year well when it begins to get warmer and me wearing bangles. I love the jingle and like the look of them. I tend to change my jewellry everyday well my necklaces and sometimes my rings but I have been wearing this mix of silver and gold bangles for the past few weeks. I am getting more and more comfortable with mixing silver and gold I never used to do it before but now I don't mind as much. I feel these bangles go nicely with my engagement ring white is white and yellow gold.


The silver bangles are sterling silver and were around £40 for 5, they are really light and have beautiful patterns carved into them. I love that it makes them have a real antique feel to them. My mum actually bought these from QVC but I obviously ended up keeping them :) hehe..

The gold ones are from French Connection and were around £6 for 5, I love the shape of them. They aren't round more square but quite a soft square. Again these are really light and I love the mix of shapes between the two.

So ladies.. what have you guys been wearing this week? make up wise? jewellry wise? and more importantly WHAT can I do about this NO MAKE UP MALARKY? HELP PLEASE??



  1. The lipstick looks gorgeous on you. And I love how your eyes look too!

  2. wow, you look gorgeous as ever lovely ♥
    such a beaut xxxx

  3. Lipstick looks really nice on you.. i feel like going to mac right now and buying it
    and good luck with your makeup ban im sure you can do it :)

  4. That lippie is absolutely fab! Beautiful lotd :)


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