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With love.. from Eyeko


This week has been mad busy with me, I was meant to be flying to Cairo this weekend but because of this wonderful volcano that errupted I am sat at home waiting. So what better to do then blog!

Last week I was sent some lovely goodies by Eyeko. I was really excited as this was my first blogger package yay! :)


I was sent four nail polishes from the current collection and wow what beautiful colours!


'Lilac Polish'.., this colour is really similar to the one I purchased at M&S.

'Nude Polish'.. you guys know how much I'm loving my nude nails.

'Vintage polish' .. similar to the rococo Jaded I tried last week.

And 'Purple polish' a bright purple.


I have tried the lilac and the bright purple so far, but silly me forget to take pictures. As soon as I change the colour on my nails I will take some pics for you.

I have to say the lilac was gorgeous, I expected the consistency to be quite streaky and although it required two coats, I was happy with the finish. Its such a pretty pastel lilac. I only had this on my nails for about 3 days because I didn't apply topcoat and ended up chipping them.

I wasn't as happy with the bright purple as it dried matte and I really don't like that. I am yet to try the other colours so make sure you come back to check them out.


I am currently wearing the nude polish, I had to apply 3 coats till I was happy with the way in which it looked. To me its very similar to OPI's coney island cotton candy although I find this one slightly more pinky. I do really like this colour although I applied it this evening and me being me, it's already chipped! :(

Heres a pic, poor quality I know but from my iphone thats why!


I was also sent the graffiti eye liner pen and I have to say wow. I am always so skeptical when it comes to eye liner pens.. I am going to be straight and say it.. I HATE THEM! they don't work for me.. they aren't ever BLACK enough and they seem to wear away throughout the day. The last one I tried was the MAC penultimate eyeliner and that reinforced my feelings! I much prefer using a gel liner or a liquid liner. For some people pen liners work my girl Tali rocks them all the time and her eye liner always looks flawless and fabulous!

SO when I was sent this to try I forgot about it for a few days and then I thought I would stop being mean and give it a go. Really I am glad I did, I can't believe how impressed I am with this eyeliner pen. Not only do I find it really easy to use, its MEGA black and has lasted me right through the day. I thought maybe it was just a one off so I gave it another go and wow.. it seems to be the real day. I am really loving this right now and have used it everyday since Sunday! At £5 it is so affordable and really worth the money, I would defo repurchase this product.

Here's what it looked like..


I really loved my goodies from Eyeko and so you know this was all my honest opinion. Have you guys ever tried any Eyeko products? Do they appeal to you?

[Just so you guys know I wrote this last week but has taken me this long to post it.. apologies]

Hope you are all well.. sorry for lack of posts..expect a few in the next couple of days!



  1. Congrats Gorgeous I got the same goodies and I loveee them all the Green (vintage polish) is my favorite !

  2. Love the Nude Colour Varnish! :D x

  3. I've been meaning to try Eyeko's polishes for a while but keep forgetting to get my hands of them. I love the look of Nude Polish, I'm a fan of nude nails too! Love Them :) Love the winged liner by the way. I can never get mine looking like that. I suppose practise makes perfect.

    Hopefully you'll be going to Cairo soon hun. I know it's all such a pain. Blooming volcano go away =) x

  4. The nude polish is so pretty! Too bad It's already chipped =( anyway, congrats on your first package! ^_^


  5. the nude one looks perfect !

    ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥


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