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Sunshine and Geocaching! I LOVE LONDON..



AHH today was such an amazing day. I love sun. It's amazing it seems to just lift everyones spirits and the world seems a much better place, people are nicer, happier, look healthier.. PLEASE DON'T GO!

I woke up pretty early considering it was a day off! I had a slight spring clean of my bedroom and decided to get myself ready! Saturdays is usually my lazy day, where I let my tiredness of the week catch up with me, I tend to wear minimal makeup and lounge about in homely clothes. I was no way letting today be one of those days. I updated my iTunes, washed my hair, painted my nails, dolled myself up and..

WELL SAT ON MY BED. I suddenly thought to myself that I had no plans on this beautiful day. I then decided to give a few friends a call.. whilst most people were busy I was determined not to let that get me down! SO I ended up calling my BFF James.. He is so hard to get hold of! We went to uni together and he is in his final year so I know how precious his time is..When he said he was free I was super excited.. It had been a while since we last saw each other. I love the drive to where I used to live and where he still lives.. [Just off the SouthBank by Waterloo] I love London so much when the sun is out.. it was a great drive..

I parked up and met him, we then walked along the southbank and had an ice cream by the London Eye. It was sooo busy but I love that.. we used to go jogging along the southbank in the evenings, I miss living in central London.




MAC Ricepaper e/s

MAC Beauty Marked e/s

Shu Uemura Gel liner

MAC plush lash mascara


MAC studio fix NC44

NARS concealer stick in 'Ginger'

MAC blush in 'Fleur Power' GORGEOUS GORGEOUS colour!!!

NARS Multiple in 'Orgasm'


MAC pro pencil in 'Pinkie'

MAC 'Ever Hip' lipstick




I had never heard about this until today, James let me on it.. Do any of you know about it?

It's basically a global treasure hunt, there are clues on the website and there is even an iPhone application for it. It's really hard to explain so check out the website! There are 1,031,429 geocaches all over the world. You can ever enter your postcode and see the ones in your area!!


Basically there are hidden containers in the most absurd places all over the world, they contain lists and you can write down your name and the idea is you join the list and can become part of geocaching. I don't really understand. BUT it was so fun finding them!!! We found two.. you are given clues to these secret hiding places from the website and the application.

How cool? Weird.. but FUN!

Our clue was something to do with "By the lion and under the 'U'"

This is where we found it..




The second one we found was in a really odd place behind the railings of a park, near waterloo. The cache was a magnetised box. Here's James reaching for it.. He said he's not ready to have his face all over the blog lol.. haha lucky the sunlight shone him out!




What I Wore


M&S jeans! YES I am still loving them

H&M Vest

Pink lace blazer from Primark [Thanks to the gorgeous Claire who featured this on her blog.. love it!!]

Lace up sandals from Office

Bag from Mango

Sunglasses Rayban Wayfarer

How did you dolls enjoy the sunshine? Have you ever heard of Geocaching?

What do you think?



  1. It looks like you had a great day It was sunny and hot in Paris today that put me in such a good mood...=)
    I am so surprised how different looks ever hip on you lips (its more orange on mine) but still pretty !!!

  2. ahhh i do love the sun..i'm SO ready for summer! ♥
    you look absolutely stunning! (per usual haha :)
    it sounds so nerdy, but i've always wanted to go geocaching lol :) xx

  3. i agree the sun makes everyone happier-love your hair !!

  4. OMG I love the pictures!! I need to go there!!

    I love your makeup in this post. So chic!

  5. Ahhh you like the blazer too?! So glad! I have been living in mine-he he! Thanks for link too gorge!
    That sounds like such a fun day!!! London is amazing and I try to visit at least twice a month but wish I lived there :( xxx

  6. I'm so loving the sun too! It makes everything seem so much better and I love wearing my sunnies :) Ever Hip really suits you hun, I'm so glad I own that lippie :) xx

  7. Ahh sounds like you had a lovely day :) Geocoaching sounds very fun, wonder who thought of it..
    So glad it's another sunny day in London :D x

  8. The sun makes me so happy :) I love ur FOTD my lovely- as always it just look perfectly gorgeous ♥
    Looks like u had a great day

  9. You look gorgeous as usual! I like the lace blazer; it suits you well!

  10. Thats sounds like sooo much fun I need to check this out lol great outfit missy & your makeup as ever...gorgeous :)

  11. The sun always lifts mood :)
    You look stunning as always and it sounds like you had a lovely day.

    I have tagged you for an award on my blog:


  12. Love the whole look! Adore that necklace, where did you get it do you mind me asking!? Blazer is sexaaay! ♥


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