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Although Sunday was a lot cooler than Saturday, it was still super pretty! Me and a few peeps decided that what better way to spend our Sunday then on Brick Lane.


[I look slightly stunned in this pic..I blame my bad photographer!]

Those who have read my previous posts on my trips to Brick Lane will know the main reason I like to go down is to visit, Lisa and Blue from 'GALIBARDY'. They have the most beautiful, unusual pieces of jewelry and I NEVER leave empty handed. I honestly spent about half an hour trying to cut down all the things I wanted. I could have had it all!

Here are the fab pieces I picked up.. all mega blingy just how I like it :) !

Iridescent bow ring


This ring is gorgeous, I have quite a lot of bow jewelry, but nothing like this. It sparkles every colour possible and looks amazing on. Such a statement piece. It's really big and I wore it today and an OLD man commented on how lovely it was haha!


Zebra cuff


I love Zebras, one of my friends used to call me Zebra probably because its the only animal that begins with Z and although it sounds nothing like Zara.. it sort of stuck with me! There were so many colors of this bracelet and although I loved the brown one, it had to be BLACK and WHITE. I don't even know what more to say as the pictures speak for themselves :).. such a beauty!




As you all know I have a major obsession with all things french and all things with Eiffel Towers on them! I must have about 6 Eiffel tower necklaces, but this one is so Parisien..I can't figure out if the monument in the middle is Sacre Coeur or Notre Dame.. actually I'm pretty sure its Sacre Coeur! Oh and how I can't forget the windmill.. which must be the Moulin Rouge. The thing I love most is that it spins! How cute.. It had to be part of my Paris collection!! I'm so excited to wear this :D


What do you guys think of my new jewels! I wish I had more fingers and wrists and necks.. Then I could wear more! haha.. I bought my cousin an amazing ring.. I wanted it for myself.. but was good! I will get her to send me a pic and I shall post it!

Check out GALIBARDY online HERE

They ship worldwide.. So what you waiting for ladies..AND gents, add some GALIBARDY to your jewellry box!

Eye Catching, Unique and BLINGY!

How was everyones weekend!? What did you guys get up to in the sunshine?!



  1. Love your outfit and that paris necklace is gorgeous! xo

  2. You are 100% it's the Sacré Coeur in Montmartre! I love ZEBRA print too and the bracelet could totally be somthing I'd buy.

  3. Oh no! Zara, now I want to buy lots and lots of bling! I ADORE the camera necklace on their website... In fact, I don't think I can live without it, I'm going to make a trip there this week! XX

  4. wooo love the bow and the zebra cuff ,Im liking the nail polish your wearing also
    xx mw

  5. they are all SUCH gorgeous pieces! ♥
    i really want to go jewelry shopping now... :)

  6. so much bling =) those look so nice . Jesus i wish i lived in a city like that !

  7. Those pieces are gorgeous! I really love the necklace with the Eiffel Tower on. Would be fab if they did one like that but of London! xx

  8. YES! Bling makes me happy! Thank you for the site! x

  9. Love your outfit. And all 3 pieces of jewellery, stunning :)

  10. nice ring !

    ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥


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