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Rococo : Jaded

For the last two days..well up until 20 minutes ago my nails have been 'Jaded' by Rococo. I really like this colour, on me I was a little unsure at first but it eventually began to grow on me! I would have left it on for longer but I had chipped it and thought hey good excuse for a polish change.


The colour appears on camera and in the bottle to be more green when its on to me its more turquoise. There is only one thing I think of when I see this colour..'Tiffany&Co" for those who are familiar with their signature turquoise packaging, this nail polish is exactly that Tiffany in a bottle. Actually I want to request a name change!?

What colours are you girls wearing right now? I ask this on every nail post and I take notes ladies! ;)



  1. Beautiful !!!! I love I am loving green nails too even if like you I was a lil' unsure =)

  2. im hunting colours like that here and i cant find any :/
    i got a colour today hoping it would work but #fail
    i love essie mint candy apple maybe i should just get that
    xx mw

  3. I just bought the same brand of nail polish in the colour Underground Creme which is a purple colour, i'm wearing that right now! xx

  4. Thats such a pretty colour- I may well have to invest! I have a pair of earings that would go perfectly with it! xx

  5. That is such a gorgeous polish! Oh Kelly wants.... My nails are bare right now :( I broke my thumb nail pretty far down so waiting til that grows back to paint them. Bad times indeed! xx

  6. I love love love that color! Gorgeous!


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