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Hey dolls.. I changed my banner..I love my plastics one, but was looking through old pics and found this piece of art of mine I did when I was in sixth form. I created it by using spray paints the actual piece was huge, I never got it back from school :( Wish I had now! It was a self portrait I did using a stencil. I used to be so creative and have a series of pieces that use this face. I thought it would be nice to incorporate this into the blog as it's such a part of me now.

Here's the original picture of it!


I remember how frustrated I was because it got all smudgy and messy, but now I like that because it sort of reflects my personality! Just thought I'd give you ladies some insight! Hope you like it..

lots of love



  1. wow you are really creative, any 'art' I did at that age would have been dodgy stick figures lol! looks awesome :D

  2. I loveee the personal touch to your banner! Glad the dolls are gone (I have a childhood fear of plastic dolls, not just the Barbie kind, just anything).. Lol :) x

  3. It's great - such a lovely piece! x

  4. wow!!
    very creative!!
    i prefer this over your last one!(it slightly freaked me out lol)

  5. Thanks dolls. Didn't realise how many of you were scared of the original lol! I have kept it at the bottom of the page so dont scroll too far! xx

  6. wow love it! :D great work Zara!


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