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I went back for more LIBERTY!



After seeing the amount of blogger friends purchase peachstock I felt somewhat left out, I really loved it when i swatched it and the thought of it being another wonderful limited edition shade freaked me out! So she became mine.


A gorgeous peachy tone nude, on me its mega nude. As in concealer stylie. Which at first I was quite dissapointed with because when I swatched it I was sure it wasn't too nude. If you know what I mean. However when colours I like don't look good against my complexion.. what do I do.. MIX!


So peachstock combined with a liner.. NOW we'r talking! A much better mix for me and will definetley be a look I wear out with smoky eyes!

I also have a bone to pick with blooming lovely.. Yes to look at.. what a beauty! On me..well TODAY on me it was too blue toned and I ended up looking unwell.. Not what you want from a pretty spring time lippy so again I mixed, this time with a hot pink gloss. I used MAC's Pink Poodle and blooming lovely became blooming amazing!

I have to say mixing colours is such fun! Don't be scared :D

Those who follow me on twitter will know that on Thursday I was in Oxford again because my brother was sky diving for 'Malaria No More' there were quite a lot of people also doing the same, including some 'Z-list celebrities' *ahem*. Here's a pic of my bro before landing, sorry for the poor quality it was taken on my iPhone. It was such beautiful weather, a perfect day for it!

I had about an hour to kill before his turn so I popped to Bicester Village again. It was packed! I had completley forgot that it is easter break! I literally went into two shops, I have to say since I last went with my fiance in March the stores seemed to have pretty much the same stuff! I did however find two little things to buy at the CCO.


SOAR lip liner. [Shown Above]

A dusky brown with a slight hint of pink. This liner is great for nude lipsticks I love the colour of it as it stands out enough but not too much in that overdrawn unattractive way.

Top Knot Eye shadow.


This looks really similar and to me a bit of a mix of beauty marked and black tied. The base colour of the shadow is black with purple sparkles. Like most of MAC's dark glittery e/s it comes out smoky and the glitter becomes more apparent when the light hits it. I really love this colour and is a great one for my dark palette!


What have been your purchases of the week? I will post pics of these colours on when I use them! Can someone please put me on project 10 pan.. I think I am developing a serious problem.. lol and you girls are bad influences! Love all of your recomendations thought [Naughty Naughty]

How has your week/weekend been so far?



  1. Fab post! I'd love to see the result when you mixed 'blooming lovely' with the hot pink gloss. I am the same sort of complexion as you and bought the lipstick but have not tried it yet. My lips are quite dark so I think on its own, 'blooming lovely' might not looks so great.

  2. Great post!
    Glad you could make that lipstick work for you :)


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