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Face of Saturday.. Wrong blush = GOOD blush!

Despite me being annoyed that I was given the wrong blush from the MAC give me liberty of London collection, I have to say this mistake was a good one! A friend of mine convinced me to keep and boy am I glad I did. I have worn it every day since.. [well not today because I'm ill with a nasty cold and have been in bed all day! grr]

But yes 'Prim and Proper' is a lovely blush, such a rosey pink colour once on. I really didn't expect it to be such a gorgeous colour.. I highly recommend this one. Dirty plum the other blush in the collection is a permanent pro colour so give it a miss and grab this one!


I wore it with a brown smokey eye and my standard nudey pink. I've been going more for eyes lately, less so than lips.


Studio fix foundation NC44
Studio sculpt concealer NC42
MAC prep and prime translucent powder
MAC 'Prim and Proper' blush

MAC paintpot 'Painterly'
MAC's 'Mulch' all over the eye
MAC's 'beauty marked' in the outer corners
MAC's 'Blacktrack' fluidline
Maybelline 'Falsies' mascara

MAC 'Creme Cup'


I wore my nan's 'Z' cute is it!


Hope everyone had a great easter weekend!? what did you guys get up o other than consuming too much chocolate like me :p
Lots of love



  1. absolutely gorgeous Zara! Love ya eyemakeup

  2. Girrrrrl! You is Fineeee! lol!
    Still have to check out those maybelline falsies!

    Hope you good! :D


  3. You look gorgeous as always lady! Love that blush on you, I'm tempted to buy one of the blushes just because the packaging is cute :)

    That locket is very cute by the way! xx

  4. @ shifa.. you wouldnt say that if you could see me now! im so dosed up with day/night nurse.. it took me sooo long to post this because staring at the screen hurts my eyes lol!

    @ shirley.. hunnie you can talk! lol.. i didnt like the falsies at first but its growing on me!!! Im not too bad althought I have a blooody nasty cold! arghh! hope ur well my loveeexxx

  5. @ Kelly.. get this one..!!! im in love with it right now :D

  6. OMG GREAT mistake!!!!!! Hope you feel better soon honney!! :( xxx

  7. Beautiful look! I wanna try that eye combo. I have Prim n Proper blush, and I agree - it is gorgeous :) xx

  8. @ Tali.. see im sure it would look fab on you! thanks for ur well wishes love.. want to get better so i can see youuu!!!

    @ princess livia.. its such a misleading colour doesnt look as good as it is on display!

  9. I might have to hun, I don't have a blush like this in my collection! I'm sold it's going into my basket when I'm released :) xx

  10. Oh Great that what I call an Interesting Mistake! it's a lovely color.

  11. So pretty! That blush looks stunning on you. xx

  12. ur look stunning -love it!!
    xo mw

  13. your eye make up looks flawless! and that necklace is so cute!xx

  14. I love it when mistakes turn good, fabulous make up huni :)

  15. i bought both blushes from the collection, they're both so lovely. prim & proper looks great on you!

    btw, you remind me of kim kardashian!

  16. Got it today bacause of you and am LOVING IT!!!!!!! xxxx

  17. Hey doll! You look fab! Ive been wanting that blush too! What kind/color of nail polish do you have on?! Looks like a lovely milky peach shade. ♥


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