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Crazy about Coral



I have a thing about coral. Lately I have been rediscovering my love for Coral, wether it be through new purchases or old discoveries. And well.. I just LOVE it!

New Purchases

Costa Chic lipstick


This week I finally purchased Costa Chic lipstick, I understand that I am late in discovering this baby.. but better late then never. I love it, it's such a fun coral. This lipstick is a frost, I don't usually like MAC's frost finish lipsticks because of that weird metallic sheen. I just don't think they look right on me for this reason I reckon I'll end up using my pro pencil in 'Pinkie' underneath just to make the costa chic a little less FROSTY.


Melba blusher


Wow wow wow why am I so late.. GRR. Again such a gorgeous coral it reminds me of 'Peaches' but 'Melba' is slightly brighter and more coral pink than peach. I strongly believe this colour will look great on all skin tones. It's so wearable and I haven't stopped wearing this since Monday. It's a matte blush so there's no shimmer but I really like that because it's the kind of colour that would go great with lots of different highlighters. You must swatch this colour ladies because unfortunately these pictures don't do it much justice!


New shoes


I told you I was mad about Coral. I saw these shoes on Sunday, I was good and didn't purchase them.. I saw them again on Monday and again was good. By Tuesday they were mine ;) I have no will power! I love that they are coral leather. How cute! I have a love/hate relationship with OFFICE, sometimes I love their shoes and sometimes I'm just confused. I am glad I popped in there this time around :)



Old loves

Mac Chatterbox lipstick


This was my official summer lippy last year. Its that gorgeous combination of coral and pink. I stopped wearing it as the days got colder but can't wait to get back to my summer makeup! Again this pic doesn't seem to portray the true colour of chatterbox.


Mac lip gelee in Slicked Pink


I love the lip gelee's by MAC. Although they aren't mega strong in colour they really do leave lips looking glossy without being sticky. This one is again a fab coral. I like wearing these during summer because they are just so effortlessly easy to wear and very lightweight.



A few current favourites..

Rococo 'Starlet'


Rococo 'Baby Punk' and Barry M 'Pink Flamingo' [Both very similar!!]


What colours are you ladies loving at the moment? What does your summer makeup consist of?



  1. I'm loving corals too they're so in right now! Also lilac/lavender colors...ive been obsessing over purple eyeshadows lately too...great post though! im interested in picking up the blush, i've heard about it a few times so its on my list haha =)

  2. Wow thats quite the rock you've got on your hand

  3. Corals yay!! And I'm loving also lilac ...=)

  4. Costa Chic is already on my wishlist it looks lovely, like you I'm not a fan of frost finish lipsticks as I think they can look a bit tacky, I normally put a cremesheen glass over the top of them in a matching colour, love the shoes, so cute :)

  5. those coral shoes look so amazing, also, just started reading your blog, you and your hair are absolutely lush! xx

  6. lovely post hun! i love corals too. and need to check out that lippy and melba soon :D

  7. Love the shoes!! And coral is such a flattering shade on you!

  8. Mee toooo also mad about coral!!
    Love the shoes and pretty much everything realy!!

    oh and by the way the MR is STILL asleep! Ugh.... soooo bored!

  9. The coral looks fantastic on you! I'm digging the lavenders & lilacs this spring along with the coral. My fave coral is Essie Van D'Go. Great color. What are you wearing on your toes!? It looks so good!

  10. I LOVE those shoes and the nail polish!

    Anyways, visit my blog too if you want :)


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