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Barry M PALE Yellow..



I purchased this colour the other week I seem to be purchasing and changing my nails a little too often these days! Now when I saw this colour in the bottle I instantly thought wow a gorgeous pastel yellow. By the way this isn't the yellow in the ice cream collection, all I know is that it's called Pale Yellow.

I was excited to give this a go hoping it would be somewhat similar to the Illamasqua one [which I I have to say I still haven't purchased tut tut] Anyways back to the Barry M - I wasn't impressed at all. I really do love my Barry M nail polishes but the consistency of this one was very runny and took me 3 coats to reach a non streaky/semi even colour. By the time I had this colour on it had gone from a delicate lemon in the bottle to New York taxi on my fingers. Don't get me wrong I have a lot of love for New York and most definitley the taxis..however this was not the look I was going for.


At first I was unsure about the colour but thought maybe I should give it a day or two and see if it grows on me. By day two my nails seemed to clash with absolutley everything, at this point I figured maybe me and pale yellow are just not meant to be??

Any recomendations on other light lemon shades ladies?! Oh well it was worth a try :) Have any of you dolls had bad relationships with nail colours haha!?



  1. I actually love the color on you! Very nice especially with your skin tone.. sorry it didn't work out for you. =\

  2. lol really? I dont mind bright yellows.. but i guess it just didt meet my expectations.. Also the consistency is different from other barry m nail polishes! Oh well.. il save it for a day when im feeling for NEW YORK TAXI NAILS :D

  3. I agree with Kali, that colour really suits your complexion :). Suprised to hear about the crappy consistancy, I adore BarryM lol.

  4. I agree, I think you can pull it off. I tried a yellow polish once, it wasn't a good look for me at all hehe xo

  5. if you're looking for a light but still visible and not too pastel shade, there's one by inglot you might like (can't find it right now, so no number - sorry. but i believe there's just one shade of yellow anyway). though I have to say that the quality is so-so - like with most of inglot's nail polishes really.

  6. I think the color looks fine hun! but maybe it looks alot different upfront lol at the new york taxis :)!

  7. I love the color on you Zara, you pull it off really well in fact!

  8. I hate yellow or green nails but I have to say this colour looks beautiful and 'summery' on you!

  9. Such a great nail polish color! So fun!

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